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Warhammer 40K: Chaos Marines – Two Wounds? Yes Please!

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Aug 14 2020

Chaos Marines are going to get two wounds each. Let’s take a look at those cult troops and just imagine the possibilities.

If you didn’t see the news, Space Marines of all varieties are going up to two wounds. Here’s the Quote from Games Workshop:

via Warhammer Community

“And as for future codexes for other genetically engineered transhuman warriors (both of the shiny grey and spikey variety), the same will apply to them. Just think how durable that will make units like Rubric Marines or Plague Marines.”

So yes – let’s think about that for a moment. How durable are the Rubrics and Plague Marines going to be? And what about Khorne Berzerkers or Noise Marines – how much more effective will they be? Or just plain ol’ Chaos Space Marines? It’s about to get REAL interesting.

Rubric Marines

What makes these guys tough is their “All is Dust” ability. They basically run around with a 2+ save. They are mini-terminators. And now with two wounds they are going to last even longer vs small arms fire. And speaking of Terminators, are the Scarab Occult Terminators also going to gain a wound? If that’s the case, gross. And speaking of gross…

Plague Marines

First off, geez they have a huge data sheet. Seriously, I never really thought about how many freaking options they have. But the only thing that really matters here is that extra wound they are going to get. 2 wound models with Disgustingly Resilient? I mean, it’s already been a thing but now? Ugh…Plague Marines got a HUGE buff with this one and Death Guard are going to kick so much butt – because you won’t be able to kill them. Geez…and if their Terminators also get another wound? Yep – it’s a game changer.


Khorne Berzerkers

When these guys made it to combat, they straight-up murdered units. One saving grace was that you could (hopefully) pick off a few of them on the way in – or at least before they got to swing if you were really lucky. But now with an extra wound each, it’s going to take twice as many shots while they get to hit you again and again. There will be blood…for the blood god.

Noise Marines

Noise Marines pumped out the jams. And the Dakka. They were plenty annoying with their Music of the Apocalypse ability that allowed them to get one final swipe in before they died outright. But now? Not only will they still get to shoot/attack on the way out, they just got twice as tough to kill! You’re going to have to do double the damage you were doing before only to get slapped right back in the process. Seems fair, right? Well, fair if you like pain – and you know Slaanesh is diggin’ that.

I’m sure there could be some deep tactical analysis of all the chaos units and how their stratagems would go even further to enhance their abilities. But I don’t think we need to go there to make the point I’m trying to make here: Two wound Cult Marines are going to be amazing. And once you factor in all the other weapon changes they are also going to get access to, well, I think they might have just gotten the better end of the deal than Classic Marines.



¬†Are Two Wound Cult Marines going to be the next big thing? Do you think this is a bridge too far or is it more “it’s about time” for the Chaos Marines?

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