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Warhammer 40K: Five Safe Bets for Marines

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Aug 10 2020

Today we talk about some safe units to build your Marine armies around in the new Edition.

The new edition is here and people are theory-hammering away in quarantine or getting in garage games and socially distanced throwdowns. We know the new Marine codex is heading our way this October, but we already have a bunch of new units to play with from both Indomitus and the new Starter boxes. GW keeps pulling the covers off ever more Primaris and Necron unit by the week. So what’s a player to do with all the time on their hands and the NEED to put together a new marine army?

We put our heads together and came up with a list of suggested “safe bets” for the Primaris army right now in these early days. This is a list of units that are performing well, look solid both rules and model wise, and don’t appear to have any possible surprises or similar units that may make them sub-par just around the corner.


All of a sudden the standard Intercessor is the MVP of the entire marine army. Scoop these guys up and you can’t go wrong. You have plenty of both bolter and chapter options to use, and now the Assault versions to mix in. These guys are here to stay and will be the lynchpin of many army builds for years to come.


You’re going to have to get some HQs no matter what, and the Captain comes in many flavors and equipment choices now. You got shooty ones, choppy ones, chunky ones, fast ones, and sneaky ones. They are a great utility choice to buff up your list, and you can pick a Captain for any type of army you want to build.


These guys are looking SOLID. They are chunky, hard to remove, hit like a ton of bricks, and have the speed to mesh perfectly with the new mission focussed 9th Edition. These guys are going to be all over the place.

Invictor Warsuit

The superior choice of the two Primaris walkers. The Warsuit has a ton of guns, is no slouch in assault and most importantly Concealed Position gets you right where you want to be in the new 9th era. Add on your Chapter special rules for even more dirty tricks.



The verdict is still out on the Classic marine Heavy Support infantry, but the Eradicators beat out Hellblasters (just barely) in our book. These guys with their ability to double fire are super nasty. Their 24″ range is nothing to sneeze at, and they can lay down the shots to take down almost anything non-Forge World in a single turn. Players are already exploring super nasty combos with some chapter tactics and strats out there – looking at you White Scars!


You will note we left out most of the great Primaris vehicles & tanks. We think many are great, but with the Gladiator and the unknown Land Speeder replacement headed our way we will have to wait a bit longer to see which Marine tanks shake out as the best buys in the list. Have fun with what’s out there already, but don’t go hog-wild quite yet.

There are solid lists to be built just out of those building blocks up there in 9th’s Early meta. It’s a great time to be a marine!

~For the Emperor!


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