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Warhammer 40K: Updated Invictor Warsuit Stats Sighted

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Aug 11 2020

It looks like the Invictor Warsuit is also getting an overhaul in the new edition. Take a look.

This image from a miniature assembly guide has been doing the rounds on Youtube and Facebook over the last few days. They are described as being from recently reboxed Invictor kits. While the main unit itself is pretty similar, a lot of its weapons are quite different!


All New Invictor Warsuit

The main statline is unchanged, as is its degraded performance when damaged. Moving on.

Updated Weapons:

  • Heavy bolter is now Heavy 1, but D:2
  • Incendium Cannon goes from S5 to S6
  • Pair of Ironhail heavy stubbers are Heavy 8 (implying single ones are Heavy 4)
  • Twin Ironhail Autocannon is AP-2


This chart shows the weapons damage on the far right.




This is the short assembly instructions stats, so it’s missing all the detailed datasheet rules.

I’m detecting a pattern of Marine weapon stat changes, from the Invictor, to the Terminators, to the Multi-melta. It may be that GW intends to shake up the entire marine armory in the new codex. There are a lot of meh and generally ignored weapons in the marine list, so perhaps the Design studio is taking the new edition and codex as an opportunity to rebalance everything. I will be interested to see if the extremely common Heavy bolter is fundamentally changed everywhere, or if this is one-off for the uniquely designed one the Invictor carries.

What do think it means?

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