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Warhammer 40K: What’s Up with Psychic Defense in 9th Edition- FTN

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Aug 3 2020

This episode we’re talking about Psychic Defense – is it worth investing in right now in 9th?  As well as changes for Tyranids and Drukari.

Hey folks,

Grey Knights are poised to be a powerhouse army.  We also believe Magnus is ready to live on the table top.  Where does that leave armies with little to no innate psychic defense?  We try to dive as deep as we can and it leads to a fabulous discussion about real world tactics.

If you’re an army without the choice of taking any defense, well..  hopefully you make up for it in another phase of the game.  This may be a new edition but several things remain the same – if you can’t compete in every phase make sure you double up in at least one other phase of the game.

The second half of the show we kick off with Tyranids.  We get a lot of flack every time we talk about Nids and I don’t blame you.  No one, so far, has cracked the Tyranid code but we try.  We’re tying hard and we hope you like the discussion around Tyranid Warriors.  Point for point they look to be stacking up really well against Troop sections from other armies.  When in doubt though, take a fleet of Genestealers.

We start to run out of time but we also touch on Drukari.  By all accounts these guys got hit HARD with the points bat.  A lot of the ‘efficiency’ has dried up and we toss around a few options on list building.  What’s working for you?

Next episode we’re bringing on an expert to help show us the way but this teaser discussion should serve as a nice primer getting us ready for that.


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