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Customize Your Own Giant Mech in IDW’s ‘Galaxy Hunters’

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Sep 7 2020

Gather weapons, armor, items, abilities and allies in your quest to defend the galaxy from invading alien mutants.

After a bit of a rocky start a couple years ago, Galaxy Hunters by IDW Games is up on Kickstarter as of right now. It’s a competitive worker placement, resource management game with TONS of character customization.

The goal of each player is to earn the most points after 9 rounds of play. There are a whole slew of ways to earn points, which really adds to the tons of different ways a player can approach this game.

Each player starts with a unique pilot+mech combination. Each pilot and each mech have their own unique characteristics so each combination of the two is equally unique!

But on top of that, Galaxy Hunters comes jam packed with tons of upgrades to your pilot and to your mech. With a total of 9 upgrade slots for the 45 mech upgrades, 4 upgrade slots for the 13 pilot upgrades, and 24 Specialist allies you can acquire to further affect your character (I’m no mathologist), but I’m pretty sure that’s more combinations than there are numbers.

All of this customization is mostly towards helping you kill aliens, as giant mechs are wont to do.


You’ll do this by flying your mech and ships to the various planets to gather resources to buy said plethora of upgrades. The game has a lot of resources to manage, which gives the game an almost economic element as well.

But killing monsters isn’t the only way to earn points. Upgrading your mech in specific ways can earn points, going on various missions can earn points, certain upgrades will earn points… There are so many ways to get points in Galaxy Hunters, which is great! If there’s one takeaway from this, it’s that Galaxy Hunters lets you play how you want. There are so many different builds which lend to different strategies, it’s also got great replay value.

It’s up on Kickstarter right now, so go check it out!

Galaxy Hunters$79 on KS – Campaign ends Sept 18

Galaxy Hunters is a highly thematic, euro-style board game for 2 to 4 players. Blending tried-and-true euro gameplay with massive miniatures, incredible art, and character upgrades often found in dungeon crawlers, Galaxy Hunters is a unique board game experience that gives players multiple impactful choices each turn, as well as a sense progression that develops over the course of the entire game.

  • 2 – 4 Players
  • 60 – 120 Minutes
  • Ages 14+

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