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D&D: Get An Owlbear Head For Your Wall

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Sep 13 2020

WizKids has announced the next installment of their D&D Trophy series–now you can put an Owlbear next to your Mind Flayer and Dragon Heads.

Want to project the image that you’re both the sort of person who would mount a head on their wall–if they could do it ethically, without animal cruelty–but also want everyone to know you’re a huge D&D fan? Do you have an overdeveloped sense of irony that you absolutely must share with everyone who comes into your house? Are you tired of people immediately knowing what everything in your house is without prompting you to explain what or why you picked something out?

WizKids has got new for you. Introducing the next installment in their D&D Trophy Series, the Owlbear. Yes, now you can kit out your fantasy hunting lodge with a Red Dragon, Black Dragon, Mindflayer, and Owlbear Trophy, assuming you want to display them in descending CR order. This trophy doesn’t have to be mounted on your wall though, it’s an incredibly detailed Owlbear head sculpt.

Also, it’s big. The Owlbear Trophy Figure head is made of foam rubber and later, and weighs 16 to 18 pounds, including the plaque it comes mounted on. This over-sized item and will likely bring extra shipping costs along with them. Here’s a look at the head with some measurements, courtesy of WizKids:

The Owlbear Trophy Figure is due to release in January 2021, and comes with a $449 price tag. Be on the lookout for your chance to pre-order it soon. And get your best “and then the Owlbear came crashing through the woods” story when the inevitable questions start coming your way. We’ll be sure to keep you updated when the Owlbear head goes up for pre-order.

Hoo do you think will want to know about your Owlbear trophy collection?


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