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D&D: New Barbarian And Warlock Subclasses Revealed In Celebration Prep Kit

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Sep 17 2020

The D&D Celebration has a bonus preview of two of the new subclasses from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. Check out a new Barbarian and Warlock.

As D&D Celebration prepares for its launch on the 18th, two new subclasses have been revealed out of Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. Today we’re taking a look at the Wild Magic Barbarian and the Genie Patron for the Warlock. Two subclasses we’ve seen before, but now, come look at what’s different in their final forms.

via Wizards of the Coast

Players hoping to sign up for D&D Celebration were treated to a spoiler of two new subclasses from Tasha’s Guide to Everything. Players have been invited to take them for a test run in the daylong game-a-thons that accompany the upcoming Celebration event. But even if you’re not planning on attending the virtual event, you can still take a look at the new classes. Check ’em out right here!

Wild Magic Barbarian

This one is a massive rework of the previously seen Wild Soul Barbarian. The Wild Magic Barbarian is all about using the magic of the Feywild to unleash arcane effects that you don’t quite have control over. And this latest version is a huge improvement over the previous version. For the most part. There is one downside (which isn’t really a downside), but it’s that the 3rd level feature no longer causes you to glow with a magical aura whenever you sense magic. Now it’s Magic Awareness which works like a Paladin’s Divine Sense but you can sense spells and magic items within 60 feet of you.

The Wild Surge table has been adjusted, in general. Abilities do more damage overall, and the protective effects hit your friends now as well. And you set off the surge every time you rage, so you know when something’s coming, but get the surprise of having to decide which effect to use.


The 6th level feature, Bolstering Magic replaces Magic Reserves, and is all around a better choice of options. You can either give someone a long term d3 buff, or give someone a spell slot back up to your proficiency bonus times per day. And at 10th level Unstable Backlash replaces Arcane Rebuke, substituting some paltry damage for a free roll on the Wild Magic table to get even more benefits whenever you take damage or fail a saving throw while raging. At 10th level you become a font of arcane power, basically.

Finally Controlled Surge lets you pick rather than just rerolling your effect. The end result is a much improved Wild Magic Barbarian that we can’t wait to see.

Genie Patron Warlock

The Genie Patron Warlock is exactly the same as the previous, “revised” version we saw a few months back. So. There you go. Two new subclasses, ready to go–you can play ’em now, and see what else lies in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything.

Happy Adventuring!

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