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D&D: New Familiar Options Revealed At Celebration 2020

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Sep 20 2020

One last reward lurks for those willing to explore the D&D Celebration Maps. New options for Familiars, including your very own Gelatinous Cube.

Familiars are the best–they’ve long been a handy bit of power for any spellcaster, and while in previous editions you could lose out fairly significantly if your familiar was killed in combat, now, familiars are nothing but useful. For 10 gold pieces you can get a spy, a scout, a set of eyes that can go where you can’t–a source for your spells even if you’re not willing to get close enough to your target–and you can keep bringing them back as long as you have 10 gold to spare.

Which is why many folks are excited about the new familiar options revealed as part of the D&D Celebration event. Once more, these come down to exploring the map puzzle mentioned in one of the earlier articles. Depending on where your investigations take you, you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack, but you may also find yourself solving a precarious puzzle. And if you do–there’s a reward in store for you. Notably a new familiar option that you can take, a miniature gelatinous cube.

It’s a tiny cube of death–as the name suggests, the Gelatinous Ice Cube is a tiny creature (about the size of an ice cube presumably), but the stats for an Oblex Spawn make for an interesting companion. For starters, the Cube is amorphous, which means it can squeeze into openings as narrow as an inch wide without squeezing. Which is handy. But the real kicker is its innate Blindsight out to 60 feet. That makes the Gelatinous Ice Cube the perfect scout for even the darkest of dungeons.

Gelatinous Ice Cubes aren’t the only things lurking though–you can also find a new magic item if you know where to look. Check out the Inspired Hot Cocoa Mug.

Getting 1d6 extra hit points when spending hit dice is always good–make your rests matter more. That’s it for now–there are sure to be more reveals coming out of D&D Celebration, but it’s only just getting started. So check back tomorrow for all the big reveals from today.

Happy Adventuring!


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