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Geekery: Netflix’s Live Action ‘Sandman’ Series is a Go – Starts Filming Soon

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Sep 28 2020

Gaiman’s long-running graphic novel series about Morpheus and the Endless is getting another shot at being adapted for the screen.

There have been several attempts to do a screen adaptation of Sandman. Neil Gaiman, David Goyer, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were working on a Sandman movie with New Line. It got lost in development churn and went nowhere. Before that, it was a valiant effort for a movie from Roger Avary in the 1990s, and multiple TV series pitched by James Mangold and Eric Kripke. None of them went past pre-production. That is about to change.

News that Warner Brothers was partnering with Netflix to make a Sandman 11 episode series covering Preludes and Nocturnes came out last year – at the time was mentioned that the project it may be the most expensive project DC has made for television, but that was before the Snyder Cut became a thing. Neil Gaiman and David Goyer (The Dark Knight, Krypton) are set as executive producers with Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman) as showrunner and head writer. The cast has not been publicly released. There is a script and hope that it will start filming soon, though.


I’m still a bit disappointed that it’s not animated (at the same time there are more variables that could make that a disappointment). Converting the work J.H. Williams III created for Overture to animation could be amazing, but it just isn’t in the cards.


Since there is no cast list available, let’s do some fan casting! Ignoring any other commitments I’d want…

  • Destiny – Michael Shannon
  • Death – Florence Pugh
  • Dream – Adrian Brody
  • Destruction – Jonathan Majors
  • Desire – Asia Kate Dillon
  • Dispair – Lea DeLaria (voice with CG character)
  • Delirium – Amandla Stenberg

Who would be in your dream (ha) cast for the series?

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