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Goatboy’s 40K Hobby – Greater Daemons & Primarchs

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Sep 9 2020

I have painted a lot of Greater Daemons during my rotation on this Earth. Let’s take a look at my pretties.

You could say I just love those giant minions of the Chaos gods.  Figure I would throw out a few of the ones I did as I knocked out a few for an upcoming game.  The only one I haven’t painted yet is the Lord of Change – which I do have in a box ready to go if I end up liking this Monster mash list.




This is the first speed painted Bloodthirster I completed last week.  I wanted each one to be different so I can tell them apart.  Oh and none are wearing armor so they can shot off their crazy muscles like Hot Magnus at the end.

The Yak of Pleasure.  I wanted a Second Keeper but not looking the same as a regular Keeper – thus the Yak of Pleasure.  Beastman Cygor/big monster thingie and the extra parts you get from a keeper.

The Second speed painted Bloodthirster.  I sat on this box for a long time before deciding – I needed 3 big axe blood thirsters.



This is the second Mortarion I have painted.  I still have one on my own in a box.  I think there is something there with this guy.

The original Keeper I did.  This was always a fun model to paint up. Turned out creepy sinister.



Speed painted two of the Great Unclean ones to get a friends army ready for an event.  This model is a lot of fun and I have one in a box I need to paint up.  I think I will use the new Army Painter Dry Brushes we got to practice.

This is just my Hot Magnus.  I don’t know what it is – but I just don’t want to put armor on my big monsters.  He is flying around asking you to come join him on his boat to travel the stars.


Which one’s your favorite?

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