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GW Rumor Engine: En Garde!

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Sep 8 2020
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Get ready for some fancy fencing with the latest Rumor Engine from Games Workshop.

We’ve seen two other swords from Games Workshop’s Rumor Engine in the past nine months. Both back in May. Could this new Rumor Engine be related? Take a look and judge for yourself.

via Warhammer Community

“Clear your mind. Take a deep, cleansing breath. Focus on this picture for a few seconds and then close your eyes. Wait for a moment, then imagine what sort of incredible model this tiny image is a tiny part of.”


It’s certainly a fancy looking hilt with those the loop and guard. The person wielding it also appears to be left-handed, but we know that can be misleading.

So…who’s doing the wielding? That’s the big question. It could be a lot of folks. From Aelves to Ynnari – and every Humanoid race inbetween. Maybe it’s an update to the Wood Aelves or Forest Spirits of the Sylvaneth.

It could be another Teaser for the Shadow Aelves, too. Perhaps a new army in on the march to the Mortal Realms…


What if it’s not even a humanoid holding that blade to begin with? That opens up even more possibilities. It’s not a lot to go on other than it’s a fancy blade. Are there any well known swordsmen in the Grimdark?

I can think of a couple…

Who knows other than the Rumor Engine itself!? If you’ve got guesses, we’d love to see them so drop them in the comments and let us know who and/or what is rocking the blade from this week.


Unless the enemy has studied his Agrippa… which I have.


Author: Adam Harrison
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