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Mantic: ‘Hellboy – The RPG’ Kickstarter Only Has 5 Days Left

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Sep 1 2020

Less than a week to secure your copy and a bunch of Kickstarter exclusives!

Mantic and Red Scar Publishing did a large amount of research when they were crafting Hellboy: The Board Game to make it as true to the universe as possible. They’re using that knowledge and diving even further into the lore and art for the new RPG to make it immersive for players. While it’s powered by 5th edition this is an RPG that feels like you’re a member of B.P.R.D. fighting off monstrosities and solving mysteries –  and not a re-skinned dungeon crawl.

Check out the free quickstart rules here!

Along with these base pledge levels there are add ons like Kickstarter exclusive dice, a GM’s screen, dice trays, and minis. That’s not all, though – a bunch of stretch goals that add play elements to the game have been unlocked.

  • Quick Case File Creation
  • Pre-Generated Agents
  • Upgraded KS Only Leatherette Book Cover
  • Hellboy Timeline Poster
  • Advanced NPC Creation
  • 4 Panel GM’s Screen
  • Free Copy – Hellboy: The Complete Short Stories Vol. 1
  • Case File Scenario by Elizabeth Chaipraditkul
  • Advanced Occult Creature Creation
  • $10 Dark Horse Voucher
  • Blank Character Sheet Pad
  • Case Files Softback Book
  • Case File Scenario by Robert J. Schwalb

Click here to back the Kickstarter today!

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