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Monsterpocalypse: Meet the Space Dragons – Draken Armada Units

3 Minute Read
Sep 10 2020

We’ve seen the space dragons, now we’re taking a look at the units of the Draken Armada. Let’s check out the 2 different unit expansions now available.

Warder & Fusiliers Unit Pack


The Warder is the single unit in this pack – coming in 4 parts and all metal.

This 2 cost unit brings along some good defensive rules. Action: Shield Guard lets the Warder take a blast attack for any adjacent building or allied unit. Hunker is a situational rule that protects this model from being destroyed by triggers from brawl or blast attacks like Fling.



The Fusiliers are all metal and are 3 pieces each.

The Fusiliers are all about the Team Tactics rule, with average attack stats you’ll want to be doing combined attacks whenever possible to start stacking Boost dice. With the Commander: Fusilier rule from the elite every Fusilier can be contributing 3 boost dice to your attack pool.

Berserker & Coursers Unit Pack




This great model comes in 3 metal parts and is a pretty simple assembly.

While the Berserker has a Blast attack, it’s all about the Brawl attack here. With Berserk and Thick Of It this model has the potential to chew through a ton of units if given the opportunity. At SPD 6 it will run across the board pretty quickly, looking for the juicy target of enemy units securing a building.


The Coursers continue the trend of all-metal models, these awesome looking space dogs come in 3 parts.

The Courser’s are another fast SPD 6 model with All Terrain so expect to see these guys running all around the board. With Pointer you can maneuver this model wherever needed to apply this debuff. I can definitely see taking at least 1 or 2 of these in a list. They make great models to run across the map to stand and either stand on points or get Pointer on an important model that you want to take out.

Wrap Up

That’s all the Draken Armada units so far! A pretty solid showing across the board, I don’t dislike any of them. I think my personal favorite is the Berserker, both aesthetically and gameplay.

What do you think of the Draken Armanda units? Which one is your favorite?


Author: Adam Lebo
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