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The D&D Alignments Of The Avatar Universe

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Sep 10 2020

From lawful good to chaotic evil, the Avatar universe has all the bases covered. Let’s discuss who is truly the epitome of neutral and who’s just evil.

Like the best tabletop campaigns, the Avatar universe is full of vibrant world development, wacky and story derailing hijinks, ill-advised party splitting, and characters who poses varied relationships with the concepts of goodness and lawfulness. But where on good/lawful chart are they? Luckily D&D has the exact tool for that.

Lawful Good; Tenzin

He follows the rules to the T, even when they don’t make a ton of sense. Leaving Korra behind and putting her training on hold wasn’t the best choice, but hey, that’s the rule, right? He’s a good person who always wants the best, but sometimes his strict adherence to the rules holds him back.

Neutral Good; Uncle Iroh

He’s good and he’s good to everybody no matter who they are. He wants to help and see the world become a better place regardless of whether it’s within his or his family’s best interest personally.

Chaotic Good; Korra

She wants to do her best. Really, she does. Sometimes her best is just destructive or not entirely thought-through, but her heart is in the right place. Doing right by the world is a learning curve and hers has been steep.

Lawful Neutral; Prince Wu

He doesn’t care about a single thing that’s happening in the world around him besides becoming king; and by becoming king I mean meeting women. Spirit vines? International war? How does it affect him and his coronation plans, though?

True Neutral; Ty Lee and Mai

They’re doing what they have to do to survive. They don’t want to commit war crimes with Azula, they just don’t want to be murdered or thrown in prison forever or find their families disappeared one day. And the moment a better and less terrifying offer actually comes along it’s time for Ty lee and Mai to jump ship to and join team Zuko.

Chaotic Neutral; Jet

He’s fighting against evil and oppression, but not because fascism is bad or the Fire Nation is gearing up for world domination; he fights for revenge and camaraderie. His team and their needs and their goals come first… and if it happens to help the Avatar that’s a pretty cool but entirely coincidental added bonus.


Lawful Evil; Fire Lord Ozai

He may be taking over the world, but he’s not breaking any laws to do it. Granted, he’s making and enforcing the rules as he goes, but at least  he knows they’re not being broken.

Neutral Evil; Azula

Her biggest goals and motivations are propelling her personal interests and tormenting Zuko. Yes, she eventually wants to ascend to the throne as the new Fire Lord, but for now she’s an angry teenager who wants to watch the world burn, even if they’re her own people.

Chaotic Evil; Vaatu

The literal spiritual embodiment of chaos and darkness, Vaatu took a moment to think about the concept of spiritual balance and said, “That’s WAY too much goodness in the world.” He wants to completely rebuild the world…. to be absolutely bananas.


How would you have placed these characters? Are there any you’re disappointed I didn’t include and where would you have put them? If you were a bender, what would your element be? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Adventuring!


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