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Warhammer 40K: Blackstone Fortress Miniatures That Should Be Armies

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Sep 3 2020

Blackstone Fortress has some stellar miniatures and now we want entire armies of them.

The final mission of Blackstone Fortress is out this weekend so we wanted to take a look back at some of the baddies from the Star Fort because these are the miniatures that should pave the way for new factions in 40k propper. Sure, you can technically include them in armies already…but we want them to be armies unto themselves with more units in that style, army rules, and more. We want them to get a real codex!

Zoat Army

One Zoat is cool. But imagine an whole army! With Zoat vehicles, Zoat monsters, more Zoat weapons and…well, more ZOATS! Plus, if we get more Zoats, maybe GW will finally reveal their true origins and what the heck is going on with their race. They really are unique and having more Xenos in the game would be a good thing.

Spindle Army

This topic has been covered already. But we’re repeating it – Spindle Drones and Guardians should be a new army. If nothing else, their mechanics are really cool as they can take these tiny drones that are kinda junk on their own and then buff them with other drones to create this really powerful unit. It’s a Voltron army. If you get the right pieces together they can do some really cool stuff. Plus, they look so different! Again, more Xenos armies with interesting mechanics is just good for the game overall.

Traitor Guard

This is another one that we’ve talked about before. Blackstone Fortress has the basics in place at this point. We’ve got:

  • Guardsmen
  • Psykers
  • Commissars
  • Ogyrns


From there we really just need heavy weapon teams, a Leman Russ kit with a Chaos vehicle sprue, and whatever else GW wants to toss in. Obviously, we’d need a lot more kits overall but the proof-of-concept is there. And if GW really wanted to, they could combine it with our next army…

Chaos Beastmen

An entire Chaos Beastmen army using 40k weapons would be excellent! We already have Tzaangors for Tzeentch and the Thousand Sons. Blackstone Fortress has Chaos Undivided Beastmen models. So at this point, we either need the Beastmen for the other Chaos gods or maybe we just get the Undivided faction all the extras! Load them up with that second-hand Imperium look. Maybe sprinkle in some of the Doombull-esque type units. AoS basically has the blueprint already.

Like this, but for 40k?


Ab-humans are a think in 40k. And again, if this range would be a little too thin, just combine it as part of the Traitor Guard army and we’re all set!

Nega-volt Cult Army


Okay, who saw these miniatures an immediately thought “Dark Mechanicus Time” because we sure did! These models are clearly a spin on the Mechanicus models with a more chaosy slant. And it’s a look we want to see more of! If GW wanted to cut some corners they could include a bunch of the Daemon Engines from Chaos as part of the army. While that could work, we’d ultimately love to see them come up with some brand new Dark Machines and units to fill out an entire range of these Cultists. Ideally, they wouldn’t just be Mechanicus with spikes but a different spin on how the army would play as a whole.

Fire Cultist Army

As Cultists, these guys were pretty radical! But they have a depth to them that makes us think that GW has more plans for them. They had a theme and we want to see GW explore that further. Sure, they make fine replacement miniatures for your Chaos Cultists armies and even make a cool stand in for other skirmish games – but we think a Fire Cult army would have some legs and allow designers to stretch a bit creatively. If the Astra Militarum can have different flavors of Guardsmen why can’t Chaos have more flavors of Cultists?

How would you grow and expand these units into entire armies? What direction would you take them? Let us know in the comments!

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