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Warhammer 40K: Five More Bandai Marine Chapters We Want

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Sep 1 2020
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There is a new batch of Bandai Primaris Space Marines coming and we have some suggestions for the next batch!

Alright Games Workshop, you’ve got a money making deal with Bandai and we’ve got some more Marines we’d like to see. Now that you’ve got a basic Space Marine Template, we think you can really take the next batch (after this second run) to the next level. Here are some mock-ups we created with some color adjustments and MSPaint for the super-high tech look.

Blood Angels

There should totally be a Primaris Blood Angel from Bandai with 1000% more Chainsword. Maybe this one will be a Primaris Assault Intercessor! Further improvements could be more fancy filigree and blood/tears. You guys have tons of artwork – use it!


Space Wolves

The Space Wolf should probably not have a helmet so he can show off his fancy haircut and facial hair! And let’s take the Wolf Pelts up a couple notches on this one, too. Maybe a Belt of Russ and some other cool Space Wolf extras – probably a Frost Axe. You know what to do.

Dark Angels

You didn’t think we’d leave Chaos out of our list, did you?! So naturally we’re including a Dark Angel. We’d suggest a Robe on this guy and some Plasma – either a Plasma Gun or if you wanted to get crazy a Plasma Cannon! That would be rad.



A Deathwatch option would be really cool. Not only could you go nuts with the bolter, it could come with alternate right-shoulder pads from different Chapters of Space Marines – and you could even sell them as accessory packs! Now that would be a great reason to get a squad, amirite!?

Grey Knights

The Grey Knights should get a Bandai Marine, too. Only difference is that it would be a 6″ version and technically, you’d probably have to change the armor because it’s a Classic Marine. Too soon?

So that’s our list – What chapters would you like to see represented?!

Note: Don’t forget the McFarlane Toys versions are coming soon and they DO have an all grey version. Paint your own Marine!


Author: Adam Harrison
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