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Warhammer 40K: More Death Guard Models On The Way

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Sep 16 2020
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We know the Death Guard are getting a new codex and a new model – but that’s not all! Check out what else is on the way from Games Workshop!

By now, you probably know about the Lord of Virulence coming along with the new Death Guard Codex:

Games Workshop announced them in a short video featuring all the new codexes. You should give it a watch if you haven’t. Pay special attention to the Death Guard section.

Did anything jump out at you? Maybe in the background?


What are those?! Plague Furnaces? What do we have going on here?


Are these just custom terrain pieces that GW cranked out for their video or for photographs. Wouldn’t be the first time (I still want my Ossiarch Bonereaper Forts!!!) But in this case, I think they just might be real.

We’ve had the Feculant Gnarlmaw for the Nurgle Daemons – so why not some Plague Furnaces for the Death Guard? Those do look like some pretty intricate kits and the details look amazing. Gross and Nurgley – but amazing. Maybe these are real as Games Workshop has been adding terrain kits for armies. It does seem like a logical place to go next for many of the Army Ranges.

Who knows what else GW is cooking up for the Death Guard. We’ve got one new model confirmed and we’ve got these Plague Furnaces teased now. What else is getting baked in the Death Guard oven? I guess we’ll have to wait until October to find out for sure!


Something plague-ridden and grimy is coming to the tabletop very soon. 


I wonder what ol’Morty is cooking up in the Plague Furnaces. Anyone want to take some guesses at what those will do on the Tabletop?

Author: Adam Harrison
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