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Warhammer 40k: The Feast of Blades – There Can Be Only One!

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Sep 28 2020

Present your blade and step forward Brothers! Learn of one of the oldest Astartes traditions and celebrations – the centennial Feast of Blades.

The Feast of Blades is a centennial honorific competition between Space Marine Chapters formed from the bloodline of the Primarch Rogal Dorn. Each member Chapter is invited to participate by sending a Champion to compete, usually chosen from amongst their Company Champions, presumably in tests of swordsmanship and other measures of combat prowess. It is a great honor to be chosen to represent the Chapter and those who frequently find that their Chapter Master has an eye on them for promotion shortly. The Feast has been occurring for 8,140 years, and tradition mandates the Feast be held no more than every one hundred years; though the hosting Chapter may hold the feast sooner.


History and Participants

The first Feast of Blades was held by Rogal Dorn shortly after he broke up the Imperial Fists Legion by the Codex Astartes. The purpose was to ensure good relations and cult brotherhood between each of the Imperial Fists’ successor chapters. The Feast is attended by the progenitor chapters of the Imperial Fists. Chapters known to have attended include the Crimson Fists, Iron Knights, Black Templars, Fire Lords, Excoriators, Death Strike, Venom Thorns, and the White Templars.

The Cage

The Feast of Blades is held in an arena that is an architectural interpretation of The Iron Cage. Not only does the layout change in between matches, but during them as well. Contestants are wearing only carapace armor in the colors of the Imperial Fists. Within the arena are two gladii‘ coated with a paralytic toxin designed by the Adeptus Mechanicus specifically for the event. Matches go on for as long as needed until one contestant is incapacitated.


The victorious chapter of the Feast of Blades is awarded the Sword of Sebastus or Dornsblade. They hold the honor of retaining the blade and presenting at the next Feast of Blades which they will host, no more than one hundred years later.

Notable Feast of Blades

  • 749.M41, The 812th Feast of Blades: All twelve-member Chapters are in attendance. The Iron Knights‘ champion, Hervald Strom, is victorious.
  • 849.M41, The 813th Feast of Blades: Despite having suffered grievous wounds during the Vinculus Crusade, Hervald Strom of the Iron Knights once more wins the competition. Never before has the same Chapter, much less the same champion, won two consecutive competitions.
  • Unknown.M41, The 816th Feast of Blades: Defeating an Imperial Fist and Black Templar in a three-way duel, Zachariah Kersh becomes the first Excoriator to win the Feast of Blades.
  • Unknown Date: The Feast of Blades is subjected to a massive World Eaters invasion. The sons of Dorn quickly unite against the World Eaters assaulting the chosen world’s defenses. Though the Chaos Space Marines finally fall to superior numbers, Khorne nonetheless approves as the feasting halls are awash with the blood of champions.


Chronology Note

The timeline of the various Feasts doesn’t make mathematical sense. Occurring once every one hundred years, and the most recent known Feast being the 816th, this would mean the Feast of Blades have been occurring for 81,600 years, not 8,140 years.

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