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Adeptus Titanicus: New Knights Inbound

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Oct 28 2020

The Questoris Knights Magaera and Styrix are heading to Adeptus Titanicus and Games Workshop is showing off some of their new rules!

Knights add a lot to the game of Adeptus Titanicus. They can provide a lot of speed make for great harassers in the game. Ignore them at your own risk! And now GW is adding two more knights to the mix with the Questoris Knights Magaera and Stryix!

via Warhammer Community

Questoris Knights Styrix

“Knights Styrix are armed for taking down Titan shields with the searing thermal rays of their volkite chieoroviles. These have the Voidbreaker (1) trait, meaning that enemy Titans must take an additional shield save every time this weapon hits. A banner of four Knights Styrix can quickly strip even a mighty Warlord of its void shields, making it easy prey for the heavier weapons in your battlegroup.”

This massive Volkite weapons is perfectly situated to hit those void shield off a target. It’s weapons like these that make Knights a valuable tool in your arsenal. But that’s not the only weapon they are packing. Their Hekaton siege claws roll 2 dice at a Strength of 6 plus they have the Rending trait. Titans of every size will need to be wary of those. They also have Graviton Guns on their carapace that have the Concussive trait, too. Send enemy Titans spinning!

Stat-wise, the Styrix has the same profile as other Questoris Knights. However, they do have some tricks to keep them in the fight like ionic flare shields which can reduce the Strength of incoming shots and they also have the Blessed Autosimulacra ability:


The more Knights in your banner, the more chances you have to repair!

Questoris Knights Magaera

“Knights Magaera complement their Styrix kin with lightning cannons that are great for following up against unshielded enemies. These have the Blast (3″) trait, allowing them to hit multiple foes, while Rending, coupled with a Strength of 5, means that there’s a reasonable chance of causing some harm to even the largest Titans. Smaller enemies will be in real trouble as arcs of energy tear them apart – which’ll be a shock to your opponent!”

In terms of carapace-mounted weapons, the Magaera come with phased plasma-fusils which pack 2 shots at Strength 4 to an enemy within 3″. It might not sound like much, but that is more than enough to make other Knights a tad wary of charging into a unit of these. Oh, and yes – they also come with Hekaton siege claws, ionic flare shields, and Blessed Autosimulacra. They actually pair really nicely with the Knight Styrix as you can bring the Volkite weapons to drop shields and then the Lightning Cannon to follow-up and take out armor.

Both of these Knights are coming soon – you can find rules for them in Adeptus Titanicus Doom of Molech!



Call in the Questoris!

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