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Age of Sigmar: Mega-Gargant Allies

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Oct 8 2020

This is the question that has been on everyone’s mind – how will Mega-Gargants be able to join MY Age of Sigmar Army? Let’s find out.

When Games Workshop first announced that the Sons of Behemat were coming they also said that ever army in the game would be able to take these Mega-Gargants as Mega-Mercs in their army. AoS has an allies system and so that kinda made sense mechanically. However, there was some question about the implementation. Well, today GW is blowing the lid off how that will work for YOUR army – and every other faction out there.

via Warhammer Community

“ANY Warhammer Age of Sigmar army can hire a single Mega-Gargant mercenary. Taking one will prevent you from including other mercenaries or allies, but they’re worth it. If you’re playing a Pitched Battle, an exception can even be made, since their point cost is quite high.”

Right off the bat, we’re seeing GW start to bend some rules for the Mega-Gargants. In a standard Pitched Battle game, you’re typically only allowed to have 400 points of allies (that’s in a 2000 point list). So far, there was another ally that bent this rule and that was Gotrek. So having an except to this points cap isn’t without precedent. That said, there are some more considerations to make.

“Mega-Gargant variants have the Leader and Behemoth battlefield roles, you’ll need to make sure your overall army’s still valid if you hire one. “

Again, in a typical 2k Pitched Battle list, you can only have up to 6 leaders and up to 4 behemoths. Just keep those restrictions in mind. Now here is where we get to the biggest restriction: specific Mercenaries.


“Any of them can be added to a Destruction force, but Chaos, Order, and Death each have access to one of the three named mercenaries.”

So that is something we were wondering and now GW has confirmed it. If you want to add a Mega-Gargant to your army and you’re not playing Destruction, you’ve got a very limited pick to work with. That said each of the named Mega-Gargants does have a few rules to help them out in your army.

Chaos: One-eyed Grunnock

His Jump Up and Down attacks hit better and cause the enemy to have harder time hitting him. That could be pretty beneficial…

Order: Bundo Whalebiter


Besides having the best name of the bunch, Bundo Whalebiter also has a special rule that is attributed to an artifact (although, we don’t think that the artifact counts against any sorts of relic limits in your army). Regardless, this rule allows him to hold off on attacking until the end of the phase and in exchange he get to re-roll hit rolls for all his attacks. That could be pretty useful if you time it well – or weren’t worried about him getting killed.

Death: Big Drogg Fort-kicka

Big Drogg is your option for Death armies out there. And while I’m still not 100% sure why Death would hire a Mega-Gargant thematically, it doesn’t really bother me as much as his bad breath would. Honestly, it’s kinda fitting that he’s got a death-stank miasma type of attack. GW does note that if you want to “reimagine” one of these Mega-Gargants to fit your army, you easily do that.

Personally, I was thinking I’d make a Ghost version of a Mega-Gargant. But then I started thinking about a zombified version – but more Solomon Grundy instead of The Walking Dead. The cool part is that GW left us with a pretty big canvas to work on.

“Adding a Mega-Gargant to your collection offers a unique opportunity to build on the story your army tells on the table. Each of the three variants has been designed to offer clues and cues that tie them into various armies and factions of the Mortal Realms. Gargants festoon their bodies with bits of cloth, trinkets, and trappings taken from their surroundings – giving you ample opportunity to paint them to match your established colour palette and aesthetics.”

Seriously, there are a TON of bits and bobbles you can add and paint on this model to make it fit the theme of pretty much any army. It’s going to be a kit-basher’s dream!


This kit will be available to pre-order Saturday and looks to be a fun addition and hobby challenge for EVERY army out there.


Son of Behemat Want Pants, TOO!

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