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Age of Sigmar: Mega-Gargant Artifacts

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Oct 9 2020

The Sons of Behemat are a full-fledged army unto themselves which means they have their own batch of relics. Let’s take a look a few!

The Mega-Gargants are coming soon from Games Workshop and today they are showcasing a handful of powerful new artifacts that they have access to. These artifacts of power will already boost their impressive power to new levels. So let’s get in there and see what they are packing!

Warstomper Relic

GW said that the Mega-Gargants of the Warstompers have three artifacts to choose from. The one GW is showing off is their favorite of the trio.

I can see why this is their favorite! First off, re-rolling save rolls is REALLY good for a model with a 4+ save and 35 wounds. That’s going to keep them coming back and really helps keep them alive and (war)stomping. That alone would be good enough for me – the rest is just icing on the cake! On unmodified 6s you get reflect melee attacks back and cause some mortal wounds. Again, nice, but that re-roll is where it’s at!

Gatebreaker Relic

The Gatebreakers are also getting access to 3 relics to choose from. The one that GW is showing off for them is the Kingslaughter Cowl.

The Gatebreaker has a pretty mean profile when it comes to wounding already. This is just going to make him even meaner. That Hurled Boulder is going to be downright deadly for smaller heroes within range.


And if he get in with your General, well, good luck. Personally, I would have liked to see a re-roll to hit to help with that 4+ to hit roll on the Fortcrusha Flail. But who knows what the other two options might be!

Kraken-eater Relic

The Kraken-eater Mega-Gargants are your hoarders compared to the other two tribes. They get access to a full six relics! To celebrate their greedy ways, GW is actually teasing two of them from these nautical nightmares.

They should have called these the “Lucky” Jaws of the Mogalodon. It’s a free re-roll for 1 hit roll, 1 wound roll, or 1 save roll. You only get to use this once per phase. Having a re-roll is certainly better than NOT having it and you’ll get to choose how you want to use it when it comes up.

This next item turns your Mega-Gargant into one of the BIGGEST casters in the game.


I’m sorry – I didn’t mean that they had a big selection of spells or could sling Teclis-levels of magic…I just mean that physically they are going to be HUGE Wizards. One of the things we have noticed in the previews is that this army is lacking in Wizards. So this might actually help them shore up some type of magical weakness. Then again, a single Wizard is just that and if you’re going to face off against a magic heavy force, you might just have to take that one on the chin and move on.

And since GW did show this one off previously, we’ll add it here for the sake of completion.


And one last thing – if you have the General’s Handbook, you can actually see the current points for these units. I say current because they could get a points update when their Battletome hits, but that’s probably not likely for various reasons. And we already know that any army can include them thanks to their special rule. That said, the sound like a challenging army on their own with their own unique hurdles to overcome. So, if you’re so inclined, you could effectively build the lowest model count army in AoS with the Sons of Behemat!


What do you think of their Relics? I wonder what else they are packing…


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