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AoS: A New Aelf Race?

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Oct 25 2020

There may be more secrets than we thought hiding in the Realm of Shadows…

When Slaanesh was defeated and locked between Realms at the end of the Old World, all the Aelven (and perhaps Aeldari too) souls were ripped from his belly. Guided by the hands of the new Aelven deities, they were molded into forms as closely resembling their old ones as possible. Some of them, like the Idoneth, took on dark, brooding internal aspects, while others, like the Alarielle’s Sylvaneth or Morathi’s Scathborn, took on a more twisted physical form to suit the whims of their creators.

Recently, we saw Teclis create a “perfect” replica of old Asur elves with the Lumineth Realmlords, a race infused with the light of Hysh and given to martial prowess, law, and a rigorous caste system similar to the High Elves of old. However, we haven’t heard hide nor hair of what Malerion was cooking up deep in the mists of Ulgu. So, that in mind, I must ask…


Umbraneth sure sounds shadowy, and the naming convention follows most of the other recent additions to the Aelven race. We know that the Shadowstalkers are Morathi’s chosen spies, and that they will be working closely with the Daughters of Khaine in the upcoming iteration, but could they also branch out and be a faction of their own?

Lore tells us that Morathi and Malerion view each other as at least shaky allies, and there’s no doubt that Morathi will have tried to twist Malerion to her way of thinking as in ages past, so it makes sense some of his creations would find themselves in her service. But will we actually get a standalone kit? Will this new race get a force, and by extension a battletome all their own? Only time will tell, but I definitely hope so. I’m going to be keeping a keen eye on future releases from GW to see if that word pops up in descriptions again, and you better believe anything I find out I’ll be writing about here.

Do you think the new race will make a splash in the Age of Sigmar?


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