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AoS: Dat Onez Mine – 3 Awesome Sons of Behemat Artefacts

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Oct 14 2020

No hero is complete without a good magic item, and even the biggest of boys like to take a little insurance sometimes.

Artefacts are what turn a good hero into a great one, and the Sons of Behemat are no exception. GW was kind enough last week to reveal some of the artefacts available to them, and they are pretty spectacular, but the Mega-Gargants have a lot more scary things than their massive cabinets. Here are my favorite artefacts from each tribe that we DIDN’T see, and what about them I like.

Taker Tribe – Wallopin’ Tentacle

Kraken-eaters are powerful combatants, especially when facing off against a large base hero like a Stardrake or Magmadroth. With this artefact, they can make sure they get their licks in good and proper and keep the wiggliest of enemies still. The tentacle allows them to pick a Hero within 3” and roll a d6, dealing a mortal wound on a 4+. What’s more, should the roll succeed, the tentacle wraps tight around them, allowing all attacks against that Hero to re-roll hit rolls of 1 until the end of the phase.

If you can surround an important hero (like Nagash or Archaon, for example), you can make sure to get all your hits where they are needed. Considering the damage you can dish out with each attack, ensuring all your attacks hit will spell doom for your unfortunate target.

Stomper Tribe – Club of the First Oak

Warstompers want to attack large groups of enemies, and from time to time, that means risking a lot of retaliation damage. This bulky weapon not only takes a bit of the edge off the damage but can pull your massive boy back from the brink of death. In each of your hero phases, the bearer of this club heals a wound, and should the bearer have the misfortune of falling in battle, and you can roll a d6. On a 4+, the lethal wound and all remaining wounds are negated.

Unlike other resurrection artefacts, you’ll note that this isn’t a once per battle effect, meaning that if your rolls are fire, you may never lose your big guy. With all the damage he can do on his own, this could be an absolute game-changer even at his lowest bracket.


Breaker Tribe – The Great Wrecka

Of all the assembled tribes, the Gatebreakers hate civilization more than anything, and like nothing more than reducing society’s trappings to rubble. With this massive flail, they can ensure that they do just that, while also squishing its weedy defenders. If you roll an unmodified 6 to hit with your Fortcrusha Flail while wielding this weapon, you deal a mortal wound to your target IN ADDITION to the already staggering damage of the weapon. Beyond that, when using the Smash Down ability to reduce a piece of terrain to rubble, you can add 1 to the dice roll.

Ziggurats, Shrines, and enchanted Forests are nothing against this mighty weapon. It’s a unique trick that can take the heart out of any enemy army that is relying on army wide buffs provided by terrain pieces.

Look for all the awesome artefacts available to the Mega-Gargants in the Battletome, available this Saturday!

Author: Clint Lienau
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