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Age of Sigmar: How to Play Sons of Behemat

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Mar 10 2023

Today we take a look at the basics of Sons of Behemat. You’d better hope that rumble getting closer is just thunder.

Towering over the battlefield, the cantankerous forces of the Sons of Behemat stomp across the battlefield, smashing and crushing everything unfortunate enough to be in their path. They love nothing more than Destruction and can draw their lineage back to one of the earliest monsters to cross the Mortal Realms, the dreaded God-Beasts. If you want to play a small model count army that can still hold its own against the smaller factions, you’ll want to check out these massive warriors.

Who are the Sons of Behemat?

The Sons of Behemat are gargants that found their purpose and became more unified after the death of Behemat. They are growing so strong and large that some speculate that one may grow so large as to become a new World Titan.

The many types of gargants found throughout the Mortal Realms are rightfully feared for their sheer gigantic size and colossal strength. Having no natural predators, the gargants hunt, sleep, eat people whole, drink captured ale, sleep again, belch, break wind at one another, and smash settlements because they can.

The Sons of Behemat are no longer simple-minded behemoths easily outwitted by the smaller races, however. Following the death of Behemat, they formed near-unstoppable war parties that crush anything opposing them.

Why Play Sons of Behemat?

The big boys are a lot of fun and simultaneously, the Sons of Behemat excel at covering ground, destroying enemies, and being an immovable object on battlefield objectives. You’ll have few unit types, so you can really focus on play over learning lots of complicated Warscroll rules. When it comes to presence, no army looks better than the big boys.


  • All your units have high wounds and mid-level saves.
  • Conversely, you have a relatively low number of high damage attacks- this means your damage is highly variable.
  • It can be easy to steal and hold objectives, due to counting as many models on a relatively small base.


  • Since your model count is low, battleplans with four plus objectives can be tough.
  • An army list with limited Warscroll types (ie all monsters) can be highly susceptible to variable battlepacks, which can sometimes limit or exclude them from bonuses.
  • No Allies- no screens.


Your subfactions are called tribes, and they represent the three different types of mega-gargant: Takers for the Kraken-Eaters, Breakers for Gatebreakers, Smashers for Beastsmashers, and Stompers for Warstompers. Your general determines your subfaction and will decide what sorts of rules you have to play with


Signature Rules

  • Mightier Makes Rightier– Your Gargants count as a large number of models on objectives. For Megas, this degrades as they are damaged.
  • Lord and Master – Your special rules are determined by your general, as mentioned above. This can limit some builds.
  • Wrath of Titans– Mega-gargants get a super fun list of unique Monstrous Actions, from headlocks to suplex-slams!

Key Units

There are only a few warscrolls in the battletome, so here’s a quick rundown.

1. Mancrusher Mobs

Your (comparatively) small guys. They aren’t very tough, but they can soak a lot of damage and deal a decent amount back. Their special Stomp is pretty brutal. Just don’t expect them to hold up to any focused fire. You’ll only need to definitely field them if you take an odd pointed unit like Kragnos.

2. Gatebreaker

As his name implies, this fellow despises buildings over all things, and he will do increased damage to units inside a garrison with his massive flail. One of his most fun rules is Pulverising Strike which allows you to swap out all your attacks for one 4+ chance at 4D6 Mortal Wounds!

3. Kraken-eater


The “smartest” of the big lads and most interested in your opponent’s shiny stuff, this monster loves nothing more than hoarding wealth, objectives…enemy heroes, anything he can get his giant fists on. He can kick objectives away or grab an unsuspecting unit champion and stuff it into his net for some awful future purpose.

4.  Warstomper

You can probably guess from his title, but a Warstomper loves nothing more than to get stuck in with as many enemies as possible and then turn them into toe jelly beneath his feet and massive club. His club gets stronger the more enemies nearby, up to a max of 10 attacks, and he can unleash a ton of punishment on both infantry and monsters alike. He is the cheapest of the boys.

Sample Army (2000 pts)

Allegiance: Sons of Behemat
– Tribe: Stomper Tribe
– Mortal Realm: Ghur
– Grand Strategy: Make the Land Tremble
– Triumphs: Inspired

Leaders Battleline
Warstomper Mega-Gargant (450)*
 Command Trait: Eager for the Fight
 Artefact: Amberbone Totem
Kraken-eater Mega-Gargant (490)*
Beast-smasher Mega-Gargant (500)**
 Artefact: Extra-calloused Feet
Gatebreaker Mega-Gargant (520)**
 Artefact: Arcane Tome (Universal Artefact)
Universal Spell Lore: Flaming Weapon

Core Battalions
*Bosses of the Stomp – Magnificent
**Bosses of the Stomp – Magnificent

Additional Enhancements

Total: 1960 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 0 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 140
Drops: 4


~Fe, Fie, Fo, FUM!

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