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AoS: The Mortal Realms Call, Soulbound Pre-Order

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Oct 9 2020

The Mortal Realms are beckoning–and today you can pre-order the Soulbound Starter Set. Find out what awaits you in the Mortal Realms.

Every adventure needs a good beginning, and there’s no better way to get a feel for what the designers of a world think their game is like than by checking out the prepublished starter adventures. They tell you what the designers feel is important, and what kinds of things you can expect your characters to do. And with Soulbound, you have all that in the starter set. Come and take a look at what’s inside, and pre-order yours today.

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Age of Soulbound Starter Set – $29.99

The Starter Set includes:

  • Faltering Light, a 48-page adventure that sees the heroes venture into the ancient Agloraxian ruins beneath the city of Brightspear. The adventure teaches you and your friends how to play — no prep required!
  • Brightspear City Guide, a 64-page guide to the city of Brightspear. Filled with strange and wonderful locations, unique characters, story hooks, and features eight one-page adventures set in Brightspear, this is the perfect way to continue your Soulbound campaign.
  • A gatefold sheet introducing roleplaying games and the world of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The back of the sheet can be used as a party sheet to track Soulfire and Doom as well as any rumours you come across.
  • Five gatefold characters sheets with pre-generated characters, each with their own goals, background, and connections.
  • Three two-sided reference sheets with the rules for Tests, using Mettle and Soulfire, making attacks and other Actions you can take in combat, spellcasting and some frequently used spells (plus a brand new Endless Spell!).
  • A two-sided card with a player-safe map of Brightspear on one side and the lands of Aspiria on the other.
  • Tokens for tracking Mettle, Soulfire, and Doom.
  • A set of six-sided dice.

Now let’s take a look at the Soulbound starter adventure, which highlights the unique bond between the party (the Soulbond, making all PCs Soulbound) and also a whole lot of fighting. Order is a varied enough grand alliance that your chatacters are from Order and, presumably, you’re fighting everyone else. In this adventure, it’s Chaos. But you’re also delivering supplies and crossing over fantastical terrain. Check it out below.

Soulbound: Crash and Burn

Following the cataclysmic events of the Necroquake, the newly reclaimed city of Brightspear is in desperate need of supplies and support. A huge Kharadron fleet has been assembled to bring provisions, would-be settlers, and enterprising merchants to the new city. Joining the expedition are a group of unlikely heroes Soulbound, mortal beings chosen by the gods to defend the Mortal Realms. But even they may be no match for the trials that are to come…

Crash and Burn is an exciting introductory adventure that takes a party of Soulbound on an arduous journey across Aqshy — the Realm of Fire. The party set out from the bustling metropolis of Hammerhal Aqsha as part of a massive fleet of Kharadron airships tasked with delivering vital supplies to the newly reclaimed city of Brightspear. But the forces of Chaos will not let them pass so easily, and the party will have to contend with Tzeentchian horrors and other vile creatures if they hope to reach Brightspear alive.

Happy Adventuring!


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