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Board Games Retro: Trump Has a Board Game

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Oct 28 2020

With the US election just around the corner, today we are finally taking a look at the Trump board game.

Look, let’s be honest here. I’m not going to pretend this might not stir up some reactions from people. Myself included.

But as a board games journalist, I think it’s required of me to review the board game based on the currently most talked about person in the world. But I’ve put this off for as long as I could while still covering it during his time in office. I’m going to push my feelings aside and to do my best to keep my opinions out of this, which will probably take many revisions. So, before I break down, let’s take a look at Trump: The Game.

He thinks you’ll like it. Comforting.

Originally released in 1989 and again in 2000, Trump: The Game is a competitive economic memory game with auctioning, bidding and trading. The goal of each player is to earn the most money by the end of the game. The game plays something like Monopoly, but with an investing mechanic and a trading phase at the end of the game.

During the first phase of the game, players spend their turn either moving around the board by rolling dice or playing a Trump card. Trump cards usually get you money if you own a certain property.


Instead, a player can roll the die to move around the board. If they land on a property, rather than buy it, the bank invests in it. Each of the 8 properties has a box to represent it, and when the bank invests, a small loan of $10 million to $40 million is slid into the box of that property. It’s up to the players to remember how much has been invested in each property so when it goes up for auction, they know when to stop their bidding.

Around the board are ‘For Sale’ spaces. When they are landed upon by a player, one of the properties goes up for bidding. Players take turns making bids or using Trump cards to try to force each other out of the bidding. Whichever player wins the bid, gains the ownership of the property and the money inside.

Good tip

Once all the properties are bought up, the game moves into the second phase, where players can make any trade they want with each other. Doesn’t matter. There are no rules here. Anything goes. But you better not lie or or break your promise. Trump hates that.

Good rule

Once every player is done making deals, the game ends and players count up their money. Whichever player has the most money wins.


Final Thoughts

It’s fine.

Thanks for making it this far.
I need a drink.

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