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D&D: Playtest The “Advanced” 5th Edition Druid Today

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Oct 18 2020

Are you looking for more out of your Druids? Then come check out the latest from Level Up, the “Advanced” Rules for 5th Edition.

The folks behind the “Advanced 5th Edition” rules continue to ramp up their playtest. Last time, we got to check out new rules for the Druid which is the first pass at an Advanced spellcaster. What’s interesting is that this version of the Druid moves away from being wild-shape-centric, instead opting to give the class choices at pretty much every tier.

At 3rd level you get to decide what your connection to the natural world looks like–beyond just proficiency with nature. You might speak with animals, be more of a scholarly druid, or become attuned to natural leylines which gives you a lot of information at your fingertips, such as knowing:

  • Which way is north
  • The direction of the nearest forest
  • The direction of the nearest natural body of water
  • The direction of the nearest city or other humanoid community
  • The general health of the local ecosystem, and if anything unnatural or magical is upsetting the natural order

On top of that you get choices at 7th and 9th level as well, these manifest as things like magical subtleties, poison resistance, and the ability to harvest creatures for valuable and/or rare parts.

Every Druid also gets an “Exploration Knack” that tweaks the way a specific skill works for them, so Druids have ways that work different from other characters. Check it out below.

via Level Up

Download the playtest document

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What this is
This is a playtest document. We’d love you to try out the rules presented here, and then answer the follow-up survey in a few days.

What this is not
This is NOT the final game. It’s OK if you don’t like elements of these rules; that’s the purpose of a playtest document. Be sure to participate in the follow-up survey in a few days. All data, positive or negative is useful.

What we use this for
Your survey responses help form the direction of the game as it goes through the development process.


Happy Adventuring!

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