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Get Ready for Battle – World of Tanks Tabletop Game is Available Now

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Oct 23 2020

The experience of World of Tanks is coming to the tabletop thanks to the folks at GF9!

Gale Force Nine and have partnered to bring the award-winning online game to the tabletop. You can field a platoon of tanks that you can customize with crew, equipment, and modules before going head-to-head with your buddies. The first wave includes a starter set that will provide everything you need to play and some reinforcements. You don’t have to wait to get some tracks down on the battlefield – order your starter set today!

The starter set and first group of expansion tanks are available now. We’ll have a closer look at the starter set in the next week – so keep an eye out!

We’ll have a closer look at what’s in the starter soon –

World of Tanks Starter Box$40.00

  • 4x Highly Detailed, Assembled, Painted Plastic Tanks
  • 6x Custom Dice
  • Tank Cards
  • Terrain and Tokens
  • Crew, Module and Upgrade Cards
  • Critical Deck


Tank cards (lower left) are used to keep track of your various Tanks’ Stats, Special Rules, and record any damage they have taken. Crew, Module, and Upgrade Cards (bottom right) represent the extraordinary soldiers or additional equipment that separates an individual Tank from the factory standard. They are used to modify a Tank’s Base Stats or give them extra abilities. And, of course, all of the Tokens, Terrain and Dice you need to get started straight out of the box. And of course, a 24 page Rulebook!



Expansion Packs$12.00 each

  • One Highly Detailed, Assembled, Painted Plastic Tank
  • Tank Card
  • 5x Crew, Module and Upgrade Cards, including Named Crew and other cards, only available in the packs
  • In game bonus codes


This article has been updated: date for release has been corrected.

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