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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K: Doom of The Silent King!

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Oct 8 2020

Goatboy here with a brand spanking new Necron list to let The Silent King wreck shop.

The new Necron book seems pretty dang mean.  In fact – there is for sure some really rough armies backed by a ton of metallic bodies.  The Silent King is here, he is going to take all your candy, and maybe even steal your girlfriend/boyfriend/pet.  Let’s throw out a list that utilizes this guy to do as much insane damage as you can do.

Goatboy’s Silent King Army List – Version 1

Supreme Command Detachment – 0CP
Dynasty – Szarekhan

The Silent King – 450pts (+3CP)

Necron Patrol -2CP

Dynasty – Goatboy’s Nasty Robots (Build your own)
Tradition – Masters of the Martial (Reroll 1 hit roll per unit)
Circumstances of Awakening – Relentlessly Expansionist (Free 6″ move beginning of game)

Catacomb Command Barge – Resurrection Orb, Warscythe, Relic – Orb of Eternity – 180pts
Technomancer – Phylacterine Hive – 95pts
Chronomancer – 80pts

C’Tan Shared of the Night Bringer – 350pts


Warriors X 20 – 260pts
Immortals X 5 – 85pts

Triarch Praetorians X 10 – 250pts
Triarch Praetorians X 10 – 250pts

Pts: 2000 CP: +13CP

The Silent King’s Rules

Basically this is a blob of fast moving models as you push the Warriors forward to move towards objectives, your Praetorians come around the side and The Silent King supports the middle.  You have a few extra characters to ensure your Warrior blob keeps going strong, you can resurrect more of your Praetorians, and you utilize their damage 2 shooting and damage 2 assault to get mixed in and just start murdering stuff.  The Night Bringer seems pretty insane as he can just hit whatever he wants and you will take all that damage.  The other good thing is that it isn’t a huge army so build wise it is not hard to get together – beyond your expensive Central Character.

All Hail the Silent King!


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