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Unboxing Warcry: Catacombs

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Oct 24 2020

Warcry: Catacombs is up for pre-order and we got a look inside the new boxed set – plus a ton of extras!

It’s a new expansion to Warcry and this time we’re going underground. Here’s what we found inside the box:

Shadow Aelves, Scions, & Surprises

If you watched the video, then you know I didn’t just open up the box, we also had the Catacomb Board Pack. I want to start with these because I genuinely was surprised at the boards in both Catacombs and the board pack.

For starters, all the boards are double sided. That’s a become common for GW’s boards, but it’s still appreciated and noteworthy. Secondly, these boards (with the exception of the “ground level” green board in Catacombs) all remind me of HeroQuest – the OG game and not the relaunch. It kind of makes sense given that these are all set inside vs outdoors.

I only bring this up because as a player of other dungeon delving games, I can’t help but look at these boards and thing “Oh wow, this would make an excellent map for D&D. All of the squares you see are roughly 1″ squares. So ya, you’ve got your 5” squares already marked out. This was a big surprise and a welcomed one at that.


Once you mix in the doors and battlefield objects, you’ve basically got a dungeon. All we need now is a ruleset and a Game Master. Someone bring me my Broadsword.

ANYHOW, besides taking Warcry below ground and into the Catacombs, this new set also explores two new factions. We finally get the Scions of Flame and we also get the Khainite Shadowstalkers. By now, I hope you’ve seen the pics because they look fantastic!

Other Stuff

In the Video, we didn’t cover the four OTHER warbands also released because, well, we’ve seen those models before. But just for completeness sake, here’s a look at those 4 warbands:


Again, not trying to discount these warbands. We’ll be looking at their abilities later this week. They are packed full of miniatures and are a nice way to start a Warcry Warband – of pick up some allies or expand an existing Age of Sigmar army.

Overall, I like the Warcry: Catacombs releases and if you’re already a fan of Warcry they seem like great additions. If you’re not playing it but are interested, this is effectively a new starter box. It’s got everything you need to play inside (core rules, expansion rules, dice, etc.) so it makes a great launching point. And if you’re not interested in any of that but play tabletop RPGs and want some new boards to play on, well, the Catacomb Board Pack seems pretty great to me! I’m going to pick one up just for D&D.


Now I’ve got to build a couple campaign encounters involving those 4 different dungeon board sets…

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