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Warhammer 40K: Exploring The Hammerfall Bunker

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Oct 20 2020
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What happens if you take the Hammerfall Bunker and attempt to put it on a Repulsor? Let’s take a look.

We got our hands on the new Techmarine and the Hammerfall Bunker kits. So naturally, we took a look inside the boxes:

Let’s just get the quick one out of the way. The Techmarine is a good model and it’s perfectly fine addition to the Space Marines army. As a Primaris Techmarine, it’s really useful and the model is one you’re probably going to see show up quite a bit on the tabletop. It’s generically more useful than it’s classic Marine counter-part due to his weapon load-out. The model also has a pair ofhead options and a pair of arm options. It’s easy to build and continues the tradition of GW making great Space Marine kits.

Now, on to the Hammerfall Bunker.

Drop? It’s Hammer(fall) Time.

The Hammerfall Bunker as a kit is one of the easier one to build. It’s two sprues that all have the same bits and you’re basically just assembling a box with a turret on top. Not a lot of room for variation or room to screw-up here.

It’s got a big footprint – it’s wider than a Repulsor but not quite as long. You’ll be able to hide a small squad behind it for sure and perhaps even a rhino-sized vehicle as well. However, from a rules perspective, it’s a fortification that cannot “drop pod” on to the board. So it’s going to be deployed in your deployment zone. While the weapon array will get to fire at every unit in range, the turret and guns still require Line of Sight to shoot. It does count as a vehicle as well…so you could take the Techmarine above and give it a +1 to hit, which takes it’s 4+ to a 3+.

All these rules decisions left us scratching our heads. What exactly does this thing do and do the Space Marines need it? I don’t really know. However, I think it’s going to make a great destroyed terrain piece for any collection. But what about that turret? Can you repurpose that for something else? Perhaps a Primaris version of a Whirlwind?


We had the same question! You can skip ahead to our little experiment in the video right here. The results speak for themselves. The short answer is no, the turret doesn’t fit on the Repulsor or the Repulsor Execution. Well, it doesn’t “fit” in the sense that the rings aren’t the same size and the turret will not slide down. Bummer. We didn’t test it on an Impulsor but I don’t think it will fit. Not without some glue and/or magnets.

I’m 100% sure that if you wanted to spend the time to convert it up to fit, you can. But these turrets weren’t designed to be interchangeable. There is still hope however as we haven’t seen the Gladiator in person…yet.

Our last, best hope…for a Primaris Whirlwind.


While it was a fun idea from a model perspective, I also have to ask if we actually need another Whirlwind. Does that really add anything to the Space Marine Armory that isn’t already there? It’s not like the Classic Whirlwind was tearing up the scene anyhow. Would a Primaris version be any better? Without a rules re-work, I don’t know how. An Indirect Fire tank platform that’s getting a handful of shots per turn is…okay. But again, it’s not something the Space Marines are really hurting for right now.

If this was indirect fire, would it be better? Yes. Would it be needed by Space Marines? Meh…

The Hammerfall certainly feels like a unit that had some interesting ideas that got changed quite a bit along the way. I personally think that it rules changed a lot between the initial design and the implementation of this unit. The evidence is in the Core Rule book:

Hammerfall Drop Turret. Just Kidding. It’s a Bunker now. And it still drops from orbit…just not like a drop pod because it’s more of a static emplacement now.

Anyhow, I haven’t written this kit off completely. I do think it could make for an interesting addition to a terrain collection. And the turret isn’t terrible. I don’t know if it will find a place in a Marine Army but if you’re looking for a super defensive addition this IS a bunker.



Hunker in the Bunker.

Author: Adam Harrison
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