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Warhammer 40K Retro: Apocalypse 2.0

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Oct 25 2020

Time to load-up the nostalgia wagon and take a trip down memory lane with a look back at Apocalypse 2.0!

Last month we opened up our vault and busted out Apocalypse 1.0 and Apocalypse Reload. Well, we didn’t want to leave the series unfinished! Today, we’re diving into Apocalypse 2.0 for a look at the previous edition of the Apocalyptic Ruleset!

Come Thee Apocalypse

Like it’s predecessor before it, this ruleset was designed for playing Massive games of Warhammer 40,000. It essentially built upon the foundation of the 5th-7th ruleset of Warhammer 40k and introduced a handful of new concepts and units to the game.

This version of Apocalypse was where we first got introduced into some of the larger plastic kits that GW has produced. Here’s a list of all the new (at the time) units:

via Lexicanum

A few of these models have since gone on to become incorporated in to “Standard” 8th edition 40k with their rules reprinted in their respective codexes.

Another fun fact about this book is that it heavily detailed the Armageddon Wars. It has a heavy emphasis on the Third War in particular and has a sub-section devoted to the details of that conflict as well as special unique units like Commisar Yarrick’s personal Baneblade variant – the Fortress of Arrogance.


This book was also supported with 4 more Expansion books:

These helped to round out the Apocalypse Expansion for the era.

Points, Formations, Extra Rule Tables – this book had it all! We’ll have to wait and see what concepts GW decided to bring-up from the previous editions to Apocalypse to the upcoming Apocalypse 3.0!


If you have a fun story from your time playing previous versions of Apocalypse, let us know in the comments!


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