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Warhammer 40k: The Future of in Person Tournaments – FTN

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Oct 26 2020

Mike Brandt from Games Workshop joins me this week to talk about the current and future state of official AND independent events.

Hey all,

I am very pleased to welcome Mike Brandt back to the show this week and this time he’s part of Games Workshop!  We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to have him on.

We talk about what we hope and dream about events going forward.  We talk a little bit about the challenges they are up against now.  We also speak to the fact that independent events are still going to be encouraged and possibly thrive even more when we actually get to gather in large numbers again.

After that segment Adam, Red and Paul talk about the practical application of Ork Kommandos. These units got a stealth upgrade just by the nature of this edition. Get it… Stealth Upgrade?  For Kommandos..  I’ll see myself out.

For just a handful of points, you can all but guarantee yourself a few points doing a game. Kommands are incredibly themey for Orks as well.  The finecast kit may not be easy to come by but thankfully it’s pretty easy to cobble these guys together from the Ork plastic kits as well.

I am incredibly jazzed to continue to riff on Orks for the entire month.  We’ll be doing it again next week talking about the Battle for Armageddon and the Beast Arises saga.  You don’t want to miss this.


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