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Warhammer Day: Spooky Model Teaser

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Oct 31 2020

It’s Warhammer Day 2020! It’s also Halloween! So naturally Games Workshop put out a Spooky teaser for us all to enjoy.

If you didn’t know, there are lots of ways to celebrate Warhammer Day 2020. One of the big ones (and probably the easiest for most folks) is to pick-up that limited edition Terminator Chaplain from your FLGS or by Pre-ordering it online… if it’s not already sold out

But hey, it’s also Halloween today and Games Workshop is feeling pretty festive. So they decided to put together a little list to celebrate their Spookiest Models of the year. It’s a fun list – but what’s MORE important is that they dropped a teaser in the article at the end:

via Warhammer Community

Teaser? Pfft. That’s just Johann.

My, my – that is quite the silhouette! What the heck could that be? Since this is basically a Saturday Morning Rumor Engine, let’s (trick or) treat it like one! My first thought is that this has a lot of elements of the Ossiarch Bonereapers. They have a thing for candles and birds.


I mean, its BONE birds, but they do like having birds on things. Must be from Portland.

Plus, they also have that whole “tendrils of energy” thing going on – and they are kinda creepy to boot!

Tendrils and creepy? Check and Check!

At the same time, I’m getting a Scarecrow vibe on this picture. It’s posture is moving forward and it kind of reminds me of a Dryad.


Which are also creep and have strange extra appendages.

Those tendrils could just be branches afterall. Also, what’s up with the trees in the background? Are those new types of trees from GW or just random/custom background trees?


In anycase, this is a fun little camera trick (or treat) from GW on Halloween. If you’ve got any ideas of what it could be let us know in the comments!


Stay Safe and have a Happy Halloween!

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