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WFRP: New Errata For Death On The Reik

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Oct 4 2020

New errata have been released for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay’s second big campaign book, Death on the Reik. Come see what’s new in the Old World.

If you pre-ordered the second part of the Enemy Within campaign, you’ve doubtless been enjoying the PDF files so far (the book is still a while out yet, though you get the PDF files whenever you pre-order), and Cubicle 7, responding to the latest feedback from folks, has released a new batch of Errata for their adventure. Check it out below.

via Cubicle 7

Updates and Errata

  • The Credits section has been updated to reflect the efforts of additional contributors.
  • Various typographical errors have been updated throughout the book.
  • An adventure path map has been updated to be more friendly to colourblind readers.
  • Prices and suggested values have been lowered throughout the book to be more in line with other WFRP 4th Edition content.
  • Descriptions have been updated to better reflect the function of the Night Vision talent.
  • The Grissenwald map incorrectly referred to the River Reir, rather than the River Reik.
  • Maps of the Mine and the Temple of Sigmar have had their annotations updated.
  • Various secret passages and notes have been removed from player versions of maps.
  • ‘Wittgendorf Castle’ now correctly identified as Wittgenstein Castle on it’s map.
  • The scale of the Wittgenstein Castle map adjusted, it was previously too small.
  • Incorrectly referenced ‘Persuasion’ test changed to Charm.
  • GM advice added on presenting Barrakul as either a Hand Weapon or Two-Handed sword, as preferred.
  • Notes on the lore of Grimoires containing Arcane spells added.
  • Missing page references containing an @@ updated.

Encounter Balance

With thanks to Eoin Burke’s (HidaOWin) extensive notes, encounter balance has been updated throughout the adventure. In general, most encounters are now more difficult and should present a greater challenge to seasoned characters who have survived the events of Enemy in Shadows.

Death on the Reik Companion

Did you know that the Companion for Death on the Reik is available in PDF now? Pre-order the Companion here and receive the PDF straight away!

The Death on the Reik Companion is packed with supplementary material to expand Death on the Reik and support any WFRP games set on the Empire’s rivers and canals.

Death on the Reik Companion includes:

  • Exclusive Guest Commentaries from James Wallis and Martin McKenna on their memories of the original Death on the Reik.
  • A GM’s Guide including: a complete breakdown of the Red Crown, one of the Empire’s most dangerous Tzeentch cults.
  • Additional adventure content, including: The Emperor Luitpold, a luxury barge with a bevy of secrets in its holds and staterooms, and ‘The Vengeance of The Gravelord’, part 1 of an adventure thread that can be woven throughout The Enemy Within.
  • A selection of new herbs from ‘Hortensia Puddlefoot’s General Concordance of Herbs’.
  • An examination of life on the Reik with details on settlements and trade.
  • A Bestiary of monsters that haunt the river, and a list of waterborne diseases.
  • A wide range of riverfolk NPCs with hints and tips for how to incorporate them.

Happy Adventuring


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