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AoS: Inside the Sigmarite Pinata – 3 Hopes for Broken Realms

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Nov 1 2020

The Realms are breaking, and they’re filled with lots of goodies for all the factions.

With all the recent hype around Catacombs, one could be forgiven for forgetting that a big change is coming to the world of AoS with the Broken Realms installment. The story is advancing, armies are getting updated, and from what I understand, the Aelven deities are making themselves more forward figures on the global stage.

GW has even done us the solid of setting up a separate web page just for the new goodies, with new fiction coming directly to your email. With that reminder firmly planted, here’s the three things I’m most looking forward to (or at least hoping for) from the Broken Realms expansion.

New Daughters of Khaine subfaction

I have been an avid elf player since before the AoS changeover, Dark Elves specifically, so when I rejoined the AoS world I was immediately drawn to the Daughters of Khaine. However, with all of the updates to armies recently, Daughters of Khaine feel like they’ve been left in the dust, and though they’re still very strong they don’t quite seem to be keeping pace with the rest of the Realms. With Morathi taking center stage in the first BR book, it’s safe to say that that is about to change, especially with the addition of the Zainthar Kal subfaction. Judging by all of the art on the page, and the new battlebox coming out later this year, I predict this faction will focus primarily on Melusai, which is great for me because they are one of my favorite DoK kits. Here’s hoping I can take them as battleline without the Bloodwrack general tax, and I’m eager to see what sorts of things they bring to the table.

Shadow and Pain


Speaking of the new battlebox, Shadow and Pain looks incredible. Several of Slaanesh playing friends have lamented about the lack of dedicated Slaanesh mortals, and the new hero in the set could be the first step to setting that right, bringing them in line with the other three Chaos factions. On the other side, going back to my love of Melusai, the Daughters of Khaine are getting a new serpentine hero of their own, and I can’t wait to see what she does on the tabletop. Hopefully the Broken Realms will expand more on these two factions, and give us more insight into exactly what the Slaanesh forces are looking for.

Slaanesh released?

There’s a few theories that the breaking of the Realms will also snap the chains holding Slaanesh down, releasing him to ruin the Realms all over again. Should this happen, what will that mean for the rest of the factions? Will Archaon make a bigger push for conquest with the backing of the fourth Chaos God? Will Nagash and Sigmar forget past slights in the face of a greater threat? Will Malerion finally drag has draconian butt out of Ulgu to fight? Only time will tell, but I’m kind of hoping for all of that. Ossiarchs fighting alongside Stormcast against massed Slave to Darkness would make for one hell of a spectacle, and I for one am here for it.

What do you think will happen when Broken Realms hits?

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