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Blood & Plunder Showcase: Beautiful Pirate Battles on the High Seas

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Nov 13 2020

The guys at Firelock Games made what I consider the most beautiful tabletop game out there: Blood & Plunder. It has tall ships, attractive miniatures, and oh yes – pirates!

In this post, I share some alluring pictures along with a YouTube video showcasing the beauty of the game. While the rules are good, the images you can get with the minis from this game are stunning. Those images are what I am focusing on today. Eye Candy!

If you like what you see in today’s images, please check out the YouTube video at the end of this article. It is a bit of a Love Letter to Blood & Plunder and it shows so many more images from this photo session.

Now let’s get into it!

Setting the Scene

In this photoshoot, I set up a Dutch force in two Dug Out Canoes (called Canoas) and a larger Dug Out Ship (called a Piragua) against a Spanish force in a Sloop.

The Dutch Pirates looking to upgrade their ships to something nicer.


The Sloop loaded with French Sailors.

These ships are just the start. They look extradentary when you take a close look at the miniatures on board!

A close up of some of the Dutch in the Canoa. They need to upgrade their ride to something nicer.


The Spanish protecting their ship and trying to outmaneuver the three smaller vessels.

Blood & Plunder allows you to play out scenes like this. Despite most people being won over at the word “pirates,” this is what draws me into the game. Just how pretty it looks on the tabletop.


These miniatures look amazing!


I loaded 25 miniatures on that sloop and there is room for more. These miniatures are 28mm, but they happen to be on the taller side of 28mm miniatures.


A look at the crew of the sloop trying to fight off a canoa full of boarders.

How amazing are these images? Again, this is what draws me to the game. It simply looks amazing! Plus you get to play as pirates.

The YouTube Video

If you like the images above, you are going to love this video. It features tons of photos and more about the game. Please check it out and play the video!


In the video, I gave shout outs to the painters of the game as well as the two people that ran the first game of Blood & Plunder that I played. I am going to echo those shout outs here. Special shout outs go to Jeremy Cada of Forbes Hobbies, Dave Lamers and Bill Kocher of Phoenix Games and Hobbies for painting the miniatures and sloop in this post. All three of them take on commission work if you like what you see here. Shout-outs also go to Tom Pace and Sean Martin for hosting the first game that I ever played of Blood & Plunder.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this post celebrating the beauty of Blood & Plunder. While this game will capture most people’s imaginations with the word “pirates,” it also looks incredible on the tabletop. If you want more on Blood and Plunder, or Firelock Games, I have sections on my personal website dedicated to them.


I also have a short, but growing selection, of Blood & Plunder YouTube videos on my reviews and showcases channel.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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