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D&D: How Many Kobolds Does It Take To Make An Encounter Epic?

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Nov 2 2020

Fighting Balors and Pit Fiends is tired. But have you tried fighting 267 kobolds? One brave DM outlines how to make those high level fights truly epic.

When a party hits those higher levels of play–and here, high level means anything beyond 10th level, which is where most campaigns peter out–it’s cause for a celebration. Not only have you beaten the odds (which are ever in your favor) but now you’ve unlocked the ability to break out all the cool monsters that are reserved for characters with double-digit levels. Encounters which, as Twitter user Jane Ritt discovered, truly redefine an epic encounter.

Eight elephants only qualify as a Hard encounter, though. What if you’re looking for something a little more refined and deadly? Well fret not, you’re covered.

Suitable combat for characters from levels 11-16 which are, as the DMG outlines: masters of the realm, on whose deeds the fates of kingdoms turn. And now, thanks to the amazing Kobold Fight Club encounter generator, you never have to scrape together a single monster to try and threaten your party again. Without further ado, here are five other epic fights worthy of your high-level party.

via Kobold Fight Club

Awful Lotta Axe Beaks

Axe Beaks are one of the best alternate mounts in D&D. They’re an immediate cue to the others that you’re in a fantasy world–because people expect to see folks on horseback. But when you start running into people riding around on giant birds with ax-like beaks that can cleave through a wooden door pretty easily.


If that’s what you get from just one, why not take 89 of them?

Rust Monsters Roundup

This one’s aimed at a slightly higher level party–we all know that every adventurer hates Rust Monsters. But what happens when there’s 69 of them?

Only a hard encounter. So you’ve still got room to throw in another dozen Kobolds or so before it ratchets up to deadly though.

Many Modrons Marching

Alright, that’s enough goofing around. You’ve got characters at 17th level or more. That means they have 9th level spells. They have no time for this Rust Monster/Axe Beak nonsense. I’ve got your answer right here friend: Modrons. Specifically Monodrones.


Specifically, 447 of them. That’s a deadly encounter friend.

Who needs more than five hit points when there’s 447 of you? Feels like there’s some kind of module in this idea…

Tyrannosaurus Rekt

Alright though, the real purpose behind this. Figure out how many dinosaurs you can safely throw at your party before it’s considered deadly. Kobold Fight Club was too busy wondering whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think about whether or not they should. And now you’re facing down five t-rexes for a party of five 15th level characters.

Or if you prefer quantity (and why wouldn’t you) try instead 18 Allosauruses.

Kobolds Of The World

Okay, I don’t know why I was wasting your time with anything else. Here’s the ultimate challenge in the game–for a party of four 20th level characters. You’ve played for two-three years straight. Now you’re finally there, and the DM decides to bust out the endgame content–kobolds. The campaign will end as it began, with the party surrounded by kobolds.


Only now there’s 508 of them, which is exactly how many you need for it to be a Deadly encounter/

Well, that’s just a few encounters. Want to make your own?

The fight generator is right here.

Let us see your best high level “epic” encounters in the comments!

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