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D&D: New Rules Bring Archery Contests, Chases, And Battlefield Chaos To 5th Edition

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Nov 16 2020

Looking to enhance your games of 5th Edition? A new collection of “advanced rules modules” brings greater depth to 5th Edition in one easy book.

There are many reasons for 5th Edition’s popularity–you can point to the popularity of livestreams, or how quick and easy the rules are to pick up and play, or how D&D is more in the culture than ever before, but I think one of the more overlooked parts of its tremendous reach comes from the considerable amount of hacks that have been made for the game.

Not that kind of hack

You can find rules that add just about anything to 5th Edition, from custom curses to rules for wielding nobility and authority. One DM’s approach to 5th Edition, which resulted in Strongholds & Followers and Kingdoms & Warfare, resulting in a multi-million dollar Kickstarter which launched a streaming studio and then some. And that’s just one small slice of what you can find out there.

Well now, the folks behind the upcoming Advanced 5th Edition rules, Level Up, have released a set of five advanced rules modules that offer wildly new takes on events that might come up in your game. With five plug-in modules, you can find rules to spice up your game with everything from herbalism to archery and beyond. Let’s take a look.

Advanced Rules Miscellany is a 27-page softcover booklet containing five plug-in rules modules which will enhance your 5th edition games! These new rules include archery contests, random battlefield events, rules for herbalism, exciting new chase rules, and new hirelings to help your on your adventures.

And the best bit? It’s just £7 (under $10) in PDF format, or just £20 for the all-new softcover book compilation!

There are only seven days left on this short Kickstarter, but it’s already wildly successful. And with it you’ll find more

  • Archery Contests. Running and conducting large archery tournaments can be fun and easy! By Russ Morrissey, based on an original article by Ryan Nock.
  •  Battlefield Events. Introducing random events to spice up combat encounters, from weather changes to pit traps. Does an innocent wander onto the battlefield, or do you stray into an ancient wild magic surge? By Russ Morrissey.
  •  Nature’s Remedy. An introduction to the craft of herbalism, a handful of example herbs including darkberries, firedrake petals, silver garlic, and more, plus rules for their preparation, and a the new Master Herbalist feat. By Russ Morrissey.
  •  Give Chase. Adding to the chase rules found in the core rulebooks, this article presents an abstract way of mapping a chase, along with three new complication tables for underground, castle grounds, and mountain chases. By James Introcaso.
  •  Hired Hands. Expanded Rules for Hirelings. Meet the apothecary, cook, interpreter, minstrel, porter, scholar, squire, teamster, and torchbearer! These hirelings provide your adventurer with additional benefits – as long as you pay them and keep them safe! Additional traits, quirks, and motives help bring your hirelings to life. By “Jester” David Gibson; illustrated by Jacob Blackmon.

Each of these supplements is available in a softcover booklet or PDF, depending on what you prefer.

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Happy Adventuring!

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