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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K: FAQs & Updates Winners & Losers

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Nov 9 2020

Goatboy here, to talk about the brand new Marine & Necrons FAQs – & OMG those Black Templars!

We got a quick and dirty FAQ from GW to answer some Necron Questions, Marine Questions, and give us a quick Index Black Templars update.  Overall it isn’t insane of an update.  I think the big thing in all of this is the Black Templar index as it gives their army some rules and fully puts the nail in the coffin that is Faith and Fury.  Those rules are now gone which means all those updated main Chapter Litanies are gone as well.  Bye bye White Scars nutty Aura for your advance and charge jerks.

Space Marines

On the Marine front, we finally get the answer on which upgrade points we use for Characters.  The Front of the book is where the points are correct – so GW went ahead and dropped point totals.  This is kind of nutty as I thought the points in the back would be correct – which means now I got more points to mess with.  I mean not really, as 10 or so many points won’t really change things too much but it is something.  They also fixed the whole Primaris Apothecary by changing their Keyword.  Most players knew this was how it was going to be but hey – we got an answer so good times.  I love how we got a Heavy Intercessor update without being able to buy those models.  We will see if they show up when we get them.


On the Necron front, they answered you can put people into reserves with the C’Tan power and it doesn’t cost you CP – which makes sense.  They also said you can’t swap to a Unique C’Tan – which again makes sense.  These are things that were chatted about a bit online but without a ton of major events let alone people having all the goodies for a Necron army  it wasn’t much of an issue.  Again we are seeing an army where a lot of their choices are not there yet so will see as they all come out.

Forge World

On the Forge World front – if you can’t buy it anymore it is a Legend now.  That makes a lot of sense and at least we have some basic rules to bring them in if you want to.  I don’t expect to see much of these as most events will be thumbs down on Legends.  But hey – someone got to make up a ton of rules so that is cool.  Now, where are the Admech rules for stuff you still sell?  But hey all your Chaplain Dreads live here.

Black Templars

Black Templars got an Index and if rumors hold true maybe we will see an actual book show up?  They got to keep their Litanies which is pretty neat.  I do like their Assault Doctrine update as auto wounding seems pretty neat.  I like some of the Warlord Auras as they can be pretty handy with additional move to advance/charge plus adding a -1 to AP on a wound roll of a 6.  If only that last one was a hit roll – then you could have some crazy combos for sure.  The Relics are alright with a Helmet that lets you pick a unit to be in the Assault Doctrine which is pretty good with a 3″ boost to their auras.  I like the Shroud and the 4+ inv save for a turn option seems alright.  The ability to roll 2d6 for a Litany relic seems good as you can get a Master of Sanctity and another Chaplain to ensure you have a ton of prayers that are going off pretty regularly.  The Crusader squad seems interesting as you can have a 20 man blob of Marines running around.  Now they are not all Marines as 10 of them will have 1 wound but it is something to think about.  Stack them up with some of the Character options and you get a great huge army of nonsense running around, yelling, and saying heretics are taking all their jobs.  On the Stratagem front, the saving throw of a 6 causes a mortal wound to the enemy seems fun.  As you can always roll for it even if you don’t get an armor save.  The 2+ to stop a Fallback seems powerful too.  Of course, the Advance and Charge strat seems pretty dang spicy too for this army.  It all really depends on if you can get there and do some damage as needed.

Overall it is a small update with some no doh updates and some new rules.  The Legends is a good thing as it lets them move some “mean” options away and we got new Black Templar rules.  I am hoping it means an actual Supplement in the future but will see.

What do you think of the Black Templars rules?


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