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GW Preview Predictions: What’s Coming This Weekend

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Nov 17 2020

Games Workshop has a new preview weekend coming and it’s themed Decadence & Decay. Time to make some predictions for what will be revealed!

This weekend we’ll be tuning into GW’s Twitch page for some new previews and we’re pretty excited to see what they have planned for the future. We’re so excited that we’re just brimming with predictions for what we will see. But these aren’t typical wishlisting, we’ve actually gathered some clues and have some theories we want to throw out there. So let’s dive in.

Clue #1 – Previews Ahoy!

The first clue is that GW is looking to cover these 5 game systems:

  • Warhammer: 40,000
  • Warhammer: Age of Sigmar
  • Necromunda
  • Warhammer Underworlds
  • Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

We can probably expect 2-3 big reveals for the larger games (like new models, boxed sets, etc.) and 1-2 smaller reveals for the smaller games.

Clue #2 – It’s In The Name

Decadence & Decay. Gee, I wonder what those could be alluding to. If only there were armies that were the literal embodiment of those two things…Oh wait.

So yeah there is a VERY strong change that we will get reveals from both Slaanesh and Nurgle this weekend. And based on that, I also think we know for which systems, too.


If you’ve been keeping up with the Age of Sigmar Saga, then you know what’s been going down in the Mortal Realms. And you know who is back. So it makes perfect sense that Age of Sigmar would get the Decadence half of this weekend. I’m betting we see some Slaaneshi teasers for new things coming in the Mortal Realms. That would cover the AoS portion of teasers.

That leaves the 40k side of the house to take on the Decay portion of the weekend previews. And that also totally makes sense. Why? Because they have a new Death Guard Codex coming soon.

We did see the new Death Guard Terrain kit coming. And the Death Guard also got some more of the spotlight thanks to the Space Marine Heroes packs.

I’m starting to think GW might be keeping more things underwraps for Nurgle and we’re about to find out this weekend what ELSE these Heretics for Nurgle have been up to.


Clue # 3 – Into The Underhive

This isn’t a clue so much as a reminder. The Van Saar are supposed to get their House of Artifice book, too. And when you think about it, they are also (kind of) in constant state of decay due to the radiation poisoning they are exposed to. But what that means in terms of new stuff is that we might get to see the cover art for the book, a peek at the rules, and some new house champs, too.

Clue #4 – The Season is Changing…

Warhammer: Underworlds next season is also upon us. We already saw the new Lumineth Realm-lords and the new Slaaneshi Warband (which is another nod to the Decadence clue).

Personally, I would not be surprised if we got a look at more of their rules and some of the other warbands coming out for the next season. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that we might even see an Ossiarch Bonereapers Warband based on a Rumor Engine from earlier this year:

It’s Decadence, Decay, and DEATH!



Clue #5 – HOBBITS

Games Workshop is re-releasing the Helm’s Deep kits this weekend. So I’m guessing we’ll see a new book of some sort with more rules updates for the the Middle-earth Strategy Battles Game. Honestly, I’m just guessing here – but I feel like it’s a pretty good guess (even if it is a pretty generic one).


If you’ve got some guesses as to what GW is going to preview this weekend we want to know. Drop them in the comments and share with the rest of us.

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