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GW Rumor Engine: All A Quiver

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Nov 10 2020

The latest Rumor Engine from Games Workshop is here and it’s a packing some arrow action in there.

It’s Tuesday which means it’s Rumor Engine time. What do we have this week from Games Workshop? Take a look and you tell me!

via Warhammer Community

Gaze upon the future and despair! Or rejoice. How you choose to interpret this prophetic vision is entirely up to you really.

Well, it sure looks like we’re looking at a quiver of arrows. Although this could also be a quarrel of bolts for a crossbow. I do have some questions about this one. Are we looking at the heads of those arrows/bolts because that would be some gnarly looking fletching. And what’s up with that hair in the shot? Are those tips supposed to be Lightning Bolts? If that’s the case it really only leaves a particular faction, right?


We like the Lightning and the Thunder!


The thing is they already have bows and arrows / crossbows and bolts covered.

And hair plumes. Don’t forget the plumes!

But we might be about due for some new Stormcast models anyhow thanks to the new Broken Realms story going on. Perhaps this is for a new character or another model.

They do get a lot of character love from GW…

Alternatively, there is the whole Cities of Sigmar faction – perhaps they are getting some new support units. They also follow Sigmar and can also ally with Stormcast. It’s kinda like GW could Double Dip that way.


I’m also wondering if this is somehow related to the Rumor Engine from back in April:

Getting some strong Sigmar-vibes for sure.

However, I’d also like to point out that the Stormcast did actually get some love in the new Morathi Broken Realms book.

It wasn’t new units but it was some new battalions – same with Cities of Sigmar. So this could all be a red herring. We could see something for them down the line but only GW knows for sure. At this point, I’ve got a bit of tunnel vision now and am only seeing Stormcast so this is where you come in. Put some fresh eyes on this Rumor Engine and let us know what you think this one could be in the comments.

I kind of hope I’m wrong about it being Stormcasts and really hope is something else. Why? Just because they already have a pretty large model range.



Let us know what you think in the comments!

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