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Magic: The Gathering – Arena Update’s Happy Accident Reveals Bob Ross Lands

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Nov 15 2020

It seems that a recent update to Magic: The Gathering Arena lends weight to rumors of new basic land cards using Bob Ross’ signature art.

Recently, the Magic: the Gathering scene has been awash with rumors of a new secret lair set with basic lands featuring art from a generation’s first ASMRtist, American painter Bob Ross. Back in mid-October, an Instagrammer reportedly found leaks detailing an upcoming Cyber-Monday Secret Lair drop with details of multiple sets, including a Squirrel themed set, a set featuring art from Seb McKinnon, and of course the aforementioned Bob Ross set.

The above image is from the Instagram Post, and the Bob Ross lands are of particular interest here because a recent update for Kaladesh Remastered briefly allowed players to view Bob Ross lands in M:tG Arena:

There are two variants for every basic lands, exactly as reported in the instagram post.


And for a time, users were also able to craft an Evolving Wilds that featured more of Ross’ art:

The accompanying flavor text for the card is a quote from Bob Ross: “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” All of which goes to lend some fairly significant credibility to the rest of the rumored releases. So it looks like we know what’s coming for Secret Lair in the next couple of weeks. Cyber Monday is November 30th, which means that soon enough we’ll all be able to enjoy some relaxing games of Magic: the Gathering.

Other things to watch out for on Cyber Monday:

  • Secret Lair: Seb Mckinnon $30-40
    • Damnation
    • Enchanted Evening
    • Sower of Temptation
    • Swamp (Full Art)
  • Hope You Like Squirrels $40 – Foil Only
    • Chatter of the Squirrel
    • Krosan Beast
    • Squirrel Mob
    • Squirrel Wrangler
    • Swarmyard
    • Squirrel Token
  • A Box of Rocks $30-40
    • Arcane Signet
    • Chromatic Lantern
    • Commander’s Sphere
    • Darksteel Ingot
    • Gilded Lotus
  • Party hard, Shred Harder $30 – Non-Foil Only
    • Anguished Unmaking
    • Assassin’s Trophy
    • Decimate
    • Dreadbore
    • Thraximunda

Now where’d we put that Alizain Crimson…


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