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Necromunda: New Van Saar Book & Models Inbound

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Nov 21 2020
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Games Workshop is continuing their expansion of the Necromunda Houses and this time Van Saar is under the spotlight!

The new House books for Necromunda have really added to the lore of the world and game. It’s not just lore however, it’s also a ton of new rules, and models of course!


Naturally, the book has a ton of new info for the house. According to the Warhammer Community Team:

  • fresh ways to use them in games of Necromunda
  • unique technological advancements
  • gang-specific strategies
  • new fighters such as the Archeoteks and Neoteks.

And who are those new fighters? Check them out:

The Archeoteks are the new Champion units. These fighters have essentially mastered the advanced tech of the Van Saar and are walking armies unto themselves. Packing crazy looking armor and advanced weapons, you do NOT want to face one of these fighters in the underhive alone.


On the other end of the experience spectrum is the hot-headed new Neoteks. These fresh-faced gangers are all to willing to hop on their grav-cutters and zip around. It’s not exactly a “safe” job as the underhive is full of low-hanging beams and other dangers. But if these juves are willing to take the risks, they can provide your Van Saar gangs with some great new avenues of attacks.

Now, according to the roadmap, the House of Artifice is “coming soon” – which probably means in Q1 of 2021 based on the other expansions. I’m looking forward to these new models and the lore in the books has been very informative. House Van Saar is going to put those extra fighters to good work, I’m sure.

Pick-up a House Van Saar Gang box and get ready for some reinforcements to arrive!


Hi-Tech meets Hi-Risk! It’s the House of Artifice!


Author: Adam Harrison
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