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Warhammer 40K: Combat Patrol Pricing Breakdown

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Nov 20 2020

What’s in the box and will it be worth scooping up for your Blood Angels? Let’s take a look at the Combat Patrol!

Earlier this week Games Workshop teased the upcoming Battleforces for 40k. They also teased a new Combat Patrol Box for the Blood Angels in the same post. Since I already did a pricing breakdown for the Battleboxes, I figured why not do one for the upcoming Blood Angels Combat Patrol, too.

Now, we don’t have an official price on the Combat Patrol Box. However, it appears that the new target price point for these boxes is the $140 mark. That is based on the Deathwatch and the Space Wolves version of the Combat Patrol boxes – they also happen to be Space Marines so it would make a lot of sense that the Blood Angels would follow suit.

Blood Angels Combat Patrol


Primaris Librarian $35

Primaris Aggressors $50

Primaris Impulsor $75

Primaris Incursors $60 – 1/2 Squad = $30*


Primaris Intercessors $60 – 1/2 Squad = $30*

Blood Angels Primaris Upgrades $14

Total MSRP: $234

Total Estimated Savings: $94

*These squads are not normally available in 1/2 sizes so we’re just dividing the standard cost by half.

Now, a couple more observations with this Combat Patrol. The Primaris Upgrade Sprue comes with exactly enough shoulder pads for 6 Primaris Intercessors and 3 Aggressors.


This would be perfect with the Librarian as you could replace his shoulder pad with the Character upgrade (with a little bit of hobby work). Also, I’m curious if we’re going to see any other options for the Blood Angels in the Combat Patrol. The Space Wolves Combat Patrol allowed for players to build the new Hounds of Morkai unit as an alternative option. Perhaps we’ll see an option for an alternate Blood Angels unit, too.

As far as the options for the Blood Angels in this Combat Patrol Box – well, that’s a matter of opinion. Personally, I would have liked to see Assault Intercessors¬†instead. The inclusion of the Impulsor is fine I suppose. And Infiltrators/Incursors have some useful options that you could take advantage of. Is this an optimized selection specifically for Blood Angels? At 25 Power Level, it’s not “the best” selection but it could be a lot worse.

“What about some Aggressors?! Blood Angels are pretty aggressive, right?”

I also think that this box is also designed to have a more broad appeal.¬† Even if you removed the Blood Angels Primaris Upgrades, you’re still saving $80 USD – that’s if the price point of $140 stays the same. That’s a pretty big discount and any Space Marine army could use the contents of this boxed set and expand.

Where Do You Go From Here?

That’s a great question. I think that’s going to come down to what you want your army to do. Theoretically, you could buy two copies of the Combat Patrol to fill out out those squads to full 10-men units. At that point you’d have two Impulsors as transports, too. You’d also have 6 Aggressors and 2 Librarians. From there? Pretty much anywhere you want to go. I’m tempted to say wait on the Blood Angels Codex to see what else they get. Plus there are a few things yet to be released for the Space Marine range and those could be good additions.

I don’t know if it’s considered “good” but it’s got “Baal” written all over it.


I’d also like to point out the Invictor Tactical Warsuit is a really good addition to pretty much any Primaris Space Marine army. Two is even better. If you really wanted to just go for an entire army on a discount try to scoop-up the upcoming Space Marines Battleforce this holiday season. That would be a very quick way to expand your collection.

Again, this might not be the “optimized” best set of options, but it would give you a third Impulsor, an Invictor Tactical Warsuit, a Phobos Captain, another 10-man unit of Incursors/Infiltrators, and Reivers (which can be kind of mean when they are Blood Angels). Plus, depending on the price point, this could be another steal of a deal.

Whatever you decided to do, the Blood Angels Combat Patrol Box looks like a pretty good deal and a great starting point for any** Space Marine army.



**It’s just a better deal if you’re a Blood Angel.



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