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Outside the Box – November 20th

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Nov 20 2020

Hello again, this week we have news about Frostgrave, Infinity, Conquest, Star Wars Armada, Bolt Action, Dropfleet Commander and more!

A new Frostgrave expansion and plastic Demons have been announced by North Star Military Figures:–> More North Star Military Figures

Corvus Belli released the new TAGs for Infinity: –> More Corvus Belli News

Here is a picture of all the Inhumans miniatures for Atomic Mass Games‘ Marvel Crisis Protocol: –> More Atomic Mass Games News

Artel W Miniatures published new preview pictures:  –> More Artel W Miniatures News

A new set of plastic Great War French is coming soon from Wargames Atlantic:–> More Wargames Atlantic News

TT Combat announced new Dropfleet Commander Resistance ships: –> More TT Combat News

The Separatist Alliance Fleet Starter for Star Wars: Armada has been announced by Fantasy Flight Games: –> More Fantasy Flight Games News

Creature Caster presents the Canuckmera:–> More Creature Caster News

New medieval musicians are available from Eureka Miniatures:–> More Eureka Miniatures News

Cool Mini or Not announced the November releases for A Song of Ice and Fire: –> More Cool Mini or Not News


New Goblins are available from Klukva Miniatures:–> More Klukva Miniatures News

 Para Bellum Wargames offers new limited edition collector’s items: –> More Para Bellum Wargames News

New Bolt Action sets can be pre-ordered from Warlord Games: –> More Warlord Games News

Perry Miniatures presents new Napoleonic Russian and Prussian cavalry:–> More Perry Miniatures News

And Rubicon Models announced more upcoming releases:  –> More Rubicon Models News

And as usual this week’s new Kickstarter campaigns:

Knight Games – Harry Potter: Catch the Snitch
Arcknight – RPG Mini Mounts
Gravity Bay – Rapture Tabletop
Flags of War – 1745 Jacobite Rebellion: Last Hurray
Ill Gotten Games – Pocket-Tactics Series 2: Coils of Chaos
World of Twilight – Anyaral: The God, the Guns and the Beastie
Ivan Mata – CONNOR | Resin bust
Medusa Miniatures – 3d printable ORC THUGS
Counterspell Miniatures – The Shade Collection
Legends of Signum – Signum Workshop
Uncharted Trilogy – Aurora Dice Set
Axis Mundi – Death Goddess Izanami
3D-Print-Terrain – Napoleonic Wars, stl files for your printable terrain
Skjald Creative – Tales of Alethrion An Adventure Board Game
NETTING – Apes World : The Gizem Clan
Elite Design – Another dice vault, but metal.
Amadeu Aldavert – The 3 demons
DioHistory – 3D Stl Desert village Tabletop 6mm 1:285
Fleshcraft Studio – Spawns of the Great Rot
Krizantos Games – ManaShard Golem Cave Adventure
Dark Gods – Dark Gods
Anthony Blocker – Not Cursed Dice: Series 1 Sharp Edge Class Dice
Flying Pig Games – The Long Road: World War III with a paranormal twist
Printable Scenery – Shadowfey – 28m sci-fi Enforcement Officer
Columbia Games – EastFront Series Wargaming Map and Bundle!
TAGO Collectibles – Moloch, blade of sorrow
Morgue Miniatures – Kids on Wheels
Lucky Penguin Games – warband miniature cases
Fogou Models – DUN DUN DUN! 28mm wargames Fortress
Genesys Games – The Genesys Project: Revelations and Exodus



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