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Warhammer 40K: Blood Angels – New Rules For The Sons of Sanguinius

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Nov 23 2020

Games Workshop has some new rules for the Blood Angels and they are showing off what’s in store for them in their new codex!

Today we got treated to a closer look at the new Blood Angels rules from Games Workshop. Not all of these are brand new but we’re including all the previews in one spot. Let’s dive on in to the previews and see how the next codex supplement is going to treat them.

via Warhammer Community

Battle-forged Detachment Ability – Savage Echoes

As before, the Blood Angels have an even deadlier first round of combat thanks to Savage Echoes. And yes, this stacks with Shock Assault. When a Blood Angels unit with both abilities gets into combat they are going to dump a bucket of attacks on their target!

Black Rage

Yep – Black Rage is still a thing. It got some slight tweaks but the key one is that the unit with Black Rage cannot perform any Actions. This means your Death Company won’t be raising any banners…but let’s be honest, they were probably going to dive fist-first into the enemy anway.

If you’re keeping track at home, yes that’s a potential +3 Attacks per model if the Assault Doctrine is active. That’s a LOT of dice getting thrown around.

Stratagem – Red Rampage


So uh…this is a 1 CP stratagem that applies to the ENTIRE army. For one round, unmodified wound rolls of 6 for Pistols or melee weapons cause the AP to be improved by another 1. And again, it stacks with the Combat Doctrines ability as well. The Blood Angels are going to tear units apart in melee…

Warlord Trait – Artisan of War

Ever wished you could stack two relics on a character? Well, so do the Blood Angels. And now they can thanks to Artisan of War. This ability is a warlord trait that lets you apply one of the listed Special-issue Wargear Relics on a character that may already have a Relic! That could lead to some silly combos – or at least one very blinged-out Warlord.

Relic – Icon of the Angel

With all those boosts to charges it would be nice to have a way to re-roll charge rolls. Good thing the Blood Angels brought their Icon of the Angel with them! This relic will allow multiple units to get a re-roll to charge which could be pretty game changing for a Blood Angel’s assault.

Wargear – Magna-Grapple

The Magna-Grapple got tweaked once again. It can be mounted on Furioso and Death Company Dreadnoughts and now can prevent a vehicle from Falling Back!


The new codex is slated to go up for Pre-order this weekend. So get ready to see a spike in Blood Angels on the tabletop. I know I’m already prepping my boys in red for their return thanks to this new Codex Supplement. Now the question is do I want to wait for the Combat Patrol Box or not…

Plus there is the fact that Primaris Marines are getting a Death Company box, too!

This holiday season is looking more and more cheery for the Blood Angels if you ask me!


What do you think of these rules previews? Let us know what you’ve got planned in the comments.


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