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Warhammer 40K: Death Guard Unit Previews & Improvements

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Nov 30 2020
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Games Workshop is showcasing some of the new updates for the Death Guard units in their upcoming Codex. Let’s take a look!

The Death Guard have a new codex that is coming soon and with it comes some new improvements to old favorites. Today, GW is showing those off and we’re going to see what’s new, improved and even more terrifying from the Death Guard. Time to start prepping your armies for the return of Papa Nurgle’s favorite followers.

via Warhammer Community

Plague Marines

Here’s one change we all knew was coming. The Plague Marine is going from 1 wound to 2 wounds. That’s pretty huge when coupled with the toughness 5. But look at that – they also gained an attack. Fitting for someone who’s been stomping around the galaxy for 10,000 years!

“As you can see, Plague Marines are also getting an extra Attack. Combine these changes with their new Remorseless and Contagions of Nurgle abilities and they’re going to be a real force to be reckoned with on the tabletop.”

We don’t yet know what those additional changes will be but they already sound nasty! I wouldn’t say I’m looking forward to Death Guard getting an upgrade, but it will certainly help to rebalance the fight against loyalist Marines.



The Possessed are getting some big improvements. First up, as you can see above, their Horrifying Mutations are gaining the Plague Weapon trait. That alone makes them worth a look now. But it doesn’t stop there.

“The twisted and mutated Death Guard Possessed are losing their current Writhing Tentacles rule in favour of a flat number of Attacks – four! “

So yes – not only are they going to have a more reliable number of attacks, it’s a flat number of FOUR! That’s a great upgrade for them. Oh and naturally, they are getting the Remorseless and Contagions of Nurgle abilities as well as an extra point of Toughness. Nurgle loves to hand out the blessings!

Daemon Engines

“Daemon Engines” is kind of a blanket term for all those mechanical chaos units – Blight-Hualers, Plagueburst Crawlers, and others. Well, they are ALL getting some improvements. The example that GW showed off was the Defiler:


Those new stats are an improvement for sure. And that’s just the tip of the Nurgle infested iceberg worth of changes coming your way. Oh and one other thing from GW:

“As with the improvements to Plague Marines, the upgrades to Daemon Engines will also be carried over to the other Heretic Astartes armies when they get their new codex.”

That’s right – as these changes get rolled out in the new Death Guard Codex, all the incarnations of these units will be getting updated, too. The forces of chaos are about to get that upgrade we’ve all been waiting on. And it’s sounding pretty good right now.

Games Workshop will be showcasing even more news about the Death Guard all this week – so stay tuned in for the latest about the Plague-father’s favorites!


What other treats will Papa Nurgle have in store for us…

Author: Adam Harrison
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