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Warhammer 40K: Outriders & Hounds of Morkai Unboxed

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Nov 7 2020

Are they the same ones from the Indomitus Box? What exactly is in the Hounds of Morkai boxed set? These questions and more answered – come take a look for yourself.

The Outriders and Hounds or Morkai are now available for purchase from Games Workshop and are in stores all over. But what’s in each box? We wanted to know as well:

Loose The Hounds

The Hounds of Morkai are a new unit for the Space Wolves. They are really good at hunting psykers and have some extra tricks to mess with their prey. Inside their box you’ll get the sprues to build 5 Primarish Reivers and 1 Space Wolves Accessory sprue.

It’s got enough bits to make the unit of 5 decked out in Space Wolves gear. You’ll also have some left over Space Marine bits once you’re finished with them, too. The Primaris Reivers and the Accessory sprue aren’t new models but it’s nice to see GW repackage them and actually create new rules for the unit.

As I’ve mentioned before, I really do hope that GW takes this concept and uses it for the other Space Marine Chapters in their upcoming supplements. A unique version of an existing unit that you can build with the current kit plus the Accessory Sprue and with a new datasheet would be really appreciated. Are they the best unit since sliced bread? No – but they are a unique and interesting alternative to Primaris Reivers.

The Outriders

Oh the Outriders. To answer the main question – yes, these are the same sprues as the ones from the Indomitus boxed set. That’s not a bad thing as those are cool models! It’s a little bit of a bummer for Ravenwing or White Scars players out there who were hoping to be able to use their own shoulder pads or replace bits…but at least you can just use decals.


One more plus is that these are technically push-fit! You still don’t need glue to assemble them. Personally, I’d still use glue. And I still recommending snipping down the pegs by a few millimeters just so there is enough room for any trapped air in the holes to stay put without causing a gap in the model. The tolerances are just that tight.

I really do like these models. And I’m confident that even with some basic converting tricks you can make these Outriders stand on their own.

Both of these kits are now available in stores this weekend from Games Workshop!

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