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Warhammer 40K: Ten Grimdark Ways To Die

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Nov 1 2020

With the season of deathly delights dwindling down to the last drop of darkness, we look at ten more ways to die in the grim darkness of the distant future.

Here’s some of the nastiest ways to buy the farm we could dig up:

Tesseract Labyrinths – Welcome to solitary confinement FOR ETERNITY! If you’re lucky maybe the one you get exiled into is occupied by a C’Tan shard and he will kill you fast.

You Killed Lucius the Eternal… and smiled – Yeah those scars have gotta burn… You just know its the worst for the arrogant Eldar. They probably tried one of those subtle smiles and thought Slaanesh didn’t see…
Malanthropes – The slow living digestion is kind of like the Great Saarlac – but floaty… (hope you brought some dramamine)
Death Jesters – Bio-explosive Shurikens are bad news. IT BURNS – IT BURNS – IT BURNS *HEAD EXPLODES* It’s almost worse if the guy next to you get hits and you spend hours picking his parts off you.
Grotesques – The worse part is you know the Haemonculi make sure you remember…(and give you a mirror)
Tyranid Devourers – Remember those scarabs from The Mummy? Yeah that, ick…
Losing close combat with Kroot – What’s the Kroot word for “Happy Meal”? It’s YOU!
Great Unclean Ones – That giant mouth isn’t just for insults… “I thought they smelled bad on the outside” – Han Solo
Purifiers – Fire Extinguishers rated for souls are never handy when you need one!
Catachan Face Eater – You just got out of the shower and you were dripping wet. It’s on the list mainly for the shame…
~What did we miss?

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